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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ready for a 'state'?

Rick Richman recounts just a few of the reasons why the 'Palestinians' just might not be ready for a 'state.'
The PA has now cancelled local elections four times. They were supposed to be held in January 2009 but weren’t. Then they were supposed to be held in July 2010 but were cancelled after Fatah “encountered difficulties” producing a list of its candidates. The PA said the cancellation was “for the sake of public interest.” In February, the elections were scheduled for July 2011 and then were cancelled “until better conditions are available” and rescheduled for October. Now they have been cancelled again. The Palestinian “High Court” ruled last year the cancellation was illegal, but has no means to enforce its order — a demonstration the PA has no effective judicial system either.

When you have an unelected “president” who rules by decree; when your “High Court” is a Potemkin one; when your president repeatedly cancels even local elections; when a terrorist group allied with Iran holds half your putative state; when you are trying to “reconcile” with the group you previously promised to dismantle; when you have been offered a state three times in the last decade, refused each offer, and won’t come to the negotiating table to receive a fourth… you just might not be ready for a state.
The good news is that American Jewry might - just might - be starting to get it.
Yesterday was the J Street “Day of Action” to rally its members to contact Congress to support a two-state solution. About 100 people showed up at a midtown rally in Manhattan to hear Peter Beinart blame Israel. The Los Angeles rally was held at Leo Baeck Temple last night and drew 25 people.
Now, if only the UN would get it. Oh wait, they do, but their goal - like the 'Palestinians' - is to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

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At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There it is, the Whine House's favorite "pro-Israel (ha ha) pro peace (/sarc)" organization: founded by a misplaced nobody; funded by bag men, Soros, State Department Arabists, and Islamic cut-outs; and backed by a resounding constituency of ... 250 people, a reserve corps of JINO brat pack Juice Box blogosphere brats, and left over hippies of mixed genders, ages, and college campuses.

That's our President!

Them thar's his Jews!


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