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Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Palestinians' distract Israelis from social protesters all night long

The 'Palestinians' made sure Israelis wouldn't think about those social protesters by shooting rockets in the middle of the night - around 3:30 am - to keep Israelis' minds on other matters. That was around the time that - having fallen asleep in front of the computer - I pulled myself out of my chair and lay down in bed....

But the IDF struck back.
"During a night air assault weapons a storage site in northern Gaza and tunnel used for smuggling and weapons manufacturing in the southern Gaza Strip" were struck, the statement said, adding that a direct hits were identitified.

Palestinian sources claimed an Israeli air strike targeted an Islamic Jihad sports facility, and killed two people there.
'Sports facility'? In the middle of the night? I'd guess that it was an Islamic Jihad training center....
Earlier, the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted a rocket that was fired toward Beersheba and two rockets that were fired toward Ashkelon.

A nine-month-old girl was lightly wounded in the hand when a Grad-type rocket scored a direct hit on an empty car south of Ashkelon.

The baby was outdoors with a parent when the rocket struck an empty vehicle nearby, causing the injury. The vehicle caught fire and the baby was taken for medical treatment.

The late evening salvo of more than 10 rockets came after three days of quiet, since Hamas declared Gazan groups would stop launching rockets at Israel on Sunday night.

Earlier Wednesday, at least seven rockets hit near Ashkelon and in Ofakim. The rockets were believed to be fired by Islamic Jihad, supposedly in response to an Israel Air Force air strike earlier in the day that killed a senior operative who the IDF said was planning attacks against Israel from the Sinai Peninsula.

Four rockets struck in the Eshkol Regional Council and another two hit open land near Ofakim shortly after another rocket fell in an open field north of the Gaza Strip near Ashkelon. No one was injured in the strikes.
But it's all just a distraction from the 'social protesters.' Just ask the poor little rich girl from Kfar Shmaryahu and the Holocaust denier.

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At 1:19 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

A tweet from last night from one of your lefty journalists:

"On FB, both Gazan & Israeli friends are complaining simultaneously that they're being bombed & there's no int'l news coverage."

And this one:
"Israeli media stirring fear re. Egypt, w/help from Egyptian social media activists. Or we could all just grow up. http://tinyurl.com/3lh8u6e"

These leftists have no sense of incitement, or even of a difference between action and reaction. If your press reports what is going on, then they are "stirring fear"?


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