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Monday, August 08, 2011

Obama has sabotaged the 'peace process'

Barry Rubin posts four questions and answers about the 'Palestinians' unilateral bid for a 'state' at the UN next month. Here's question 4.
4) What role Obama has played in this process? He looks less pro-Israel than other U.S. presidents?

While unintentionally, Obama has systematically sabotaged the process. There have been a long list of errors that explain the fact that while he has been avidly seeking direct talks for two and a half years there haven’t been any. By moving somewhat away from Israel, Obama has led, without fully comprehending it, the Palestinian leadership to harden its line, refuse negotiations, and go for a unilateral independence victory.
I would not classify Obama's moves as unintentional. I would say that they were deliberate, but mistaken if what Obama actually wanted to achieve was an agreement between Israel and the 'Palestinians.' Those mistakes were caused by Obama's over-eagerness to bring about the establishment of a 'Palestinian' state. Of course, if one takes the more cynical view that Obama wanted to browbeat Israel (or worse), his actions make even more sense, although his goal would be even more evil.

What could go wrong?

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