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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IDF training revenants to battle 'Palestinian protesters'

Much to the chagrin of Israel's Left, the IDF is training revenants to confront 'Palestinian protesters' in September.
In a written statement, the IDF – which is also drilling its troops in how to deal with possible violence next month – said it was "devoting great efforts to training local forces and preparing them to deal with any possible scenario".

Some scenarios envisage protesters reaching the gates of settlements, which could set the stage for confrontations.

The statement said the military recently "completed training the majority of the first response teams" and the exercises were ongoing.


Danny Dayan, chairman of the settlers' YESHA Council, said in a telephone interview that "Certainly during a period of tension, with intelligence reports of possible threats, of course readiness crews are being trained."

Dayan saw these preparations as "nothing extraordinary", noting how most settlers involved have already done compulsory duty in the IDF, which drafts most Israeli men at the age of 18.

"The Israeli army is responsible for them, they are not private settler militias," Dayan said.

Armed settlers "operate under orders to avoid killing civilians. In the event of a break-in at a settlement, the response would be purely defensive, nothing offensive," he added.

Israel said it arms settlers so they can protect themselves against Palestinian attack. Palestinians and human rights groups said settlers have used weapons to attack Palestinians and that Israel has been lax in investigating such incidents.

Avigdor Shatz, who oversees security in the Benjamin settlement district of the West Bank... would not provide details or figures on how many settler security personnel exist, but said most of the 140 or so enclaves Israel has built in the West Bank had defense teams, and said "very few" of their members had firearms.
The problem is that this is an attempt by the IDF to save manpower, and while it's understandable (they're going to be stretched way too thin no matter how many reservists they call up in September), there's a real risk here that people who aren't in appropriate physical condition, and who aren't sufficiently trained and equipped, are going to be left doing the army's job.

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At 10:03 AM, Blogger 2senseplain said...

On the other hand,considering that most of the neighborhoods that would come under attack aren't really armed, anything that makes potential attackers think twice and go elsewhere where they think the pickings are easier and safer is a good thing.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

I heard that the Israeli gov. decided some time ago, to disarm these revenants; is this still true? Are they being permitted arms now, or just paint ball guns??


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