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Monday, August 29, 2011

IDF preparing for... what else?

Three weeks before a 'Palestinian' effort to circumvent negotiations by running to the United Nations - an event which is expected to result in violent demonstrations - you would think that the IDF would be practicing crowd control techniques using all sorts of fancy new non-lethal weapons they've been buying and developing for the last several months. You'd be wrong. Instead, the IDF is gearing up to remove Jews from their little mobile homes.
Ynet has learned Sunday that last week, the regiments operating in the Judea and Samaria sector received an IDF brief on the removal of illegal outposts. The brief detailed a list of actions that should be taken when evicting an illegal outpost.

Among the items listed in the brief: Erecting observation points, calling in police and Border Guard forces, placing various obstructions in order to isolate locations and block the path of those wishing to settle there, as well as dividing the area into sectors and posts.
As you might imagine, this elicited angry reactions from the revenants. And in response, the IDF says:
"The brief details the course of action for a force that chances upon an occurrence of an Israeli public disturbance. The IDF stresses that the orders in no way take away from the police's responsibility in dealing with these types of incidents. The brief does not indicate plans for any evictions."
What could go wrong?



At 7:00 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The reality the IDF is better prepared to kick Jews out of their homes than it is prepared to defend the country. As it is, the government's feeble denials only underscore the fact Israel is far from ready to deal with an outbreak of a third intifida against Israel.

What could go wrong indeed


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