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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Europe once again shows whose side its on

Ten years ago this week, in response to a 'Palestinian' suicide bomber who murdered 16 Jews at the Sbarro restaurant in downtown Jerusalem, Israel's security forces shut down Orient House. Orient House (pictured) was functioning as a seat of government for the 'Palestinians' in Jerusalem in complete violation of the Oslo accords. (Under the Oslo accords, the 'Palestinians' are prohibited from undertaking any political activity in Jerusalem). It was used to receive foreign dignitaries, to house quasi-governmental agencies to service Arab residents... and to plan terror attacks.

Now, the European Union wants Orient House reopened.
"The EU missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah deeply regret the recent Israeli decision extending once again the closure order against the Orient House and the Chamber of Commerce," a statement said, referencing the local headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Arab Chamber of Commerce in east Jerusalem.

"The EU firmly believes that these institutions should be allowed to re-open and resume their operations as focal points for Palestinians in east Jerusalem," an EU statement said. "The EU urges Israel to reconsider the closure and to fully review its decision," it added.
Another request that deserves a two-word answer. Maybe even just one word: NO.

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