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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Enough is enough: Tzipi go home!

I'm not the only one who didn't like Tzipi Livni's interview with Jeffrey Goldberg last weekend. Isi Leibler says that it's time for Israel's chief opportunist to resign.
Livni’s eruption was unconscionable. I was amongst those calling on both the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition to set aside their personal and political ambitions and form a unity government to promote the national interest. However Livni’s recent outburst has crossed all red lines and makes this impossible.

In an extensive interview with James Bennett, editor of the influential US journal The Atlantic and Jeffrey Goldberg, a prominent American Jewish journalist, Livni explicitly praised President Obama for pressuring Prime Minister Netanyahu and shamelessly urged the American Administration to intensify pressure on the Israeli government.

She went further and, in a remark she will have cause to regret, even raised the sensitive issue of dual loyalties, a major plank in previous anti-Semitic campaigns.

Livni implied that Prime Minister Netanyahu is creating a situation in which American Jews could be compromised by being obliged to choose sides. The Israeli Opposition Leader said “the Prime Minister, deliberately or not, puts Americans into a very complicated situation… in which they need to choose a side, and they don’t want to be in this situation.” She went on to say “it’s a nightmare because we are actually on the same side…We cannot afford this. This is something new. It forced American Jews to take sides.”


What makes this even more offensive is that, were Livni occupying the role of Prime Minister, with possibly minor nuances, she too would be obliged to resist the heavy handed one-sided pressures being imposed on the Jewish state by President Obama. Indeed, setting aside the right and left wing extremes of both Likud and Kadima, there is in reality no ideological differences of substance separating them.
Read the whole thing. I wonder if anyone has sent this to Shaul Mofaz (her chief rival for leadership in Kadima).

By the way. the fact that Livni and Kadima are financing the protests in Tel Aviv shows that all those people calling for unity probably have no connection to the 'official' protests and their leaders.

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