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Friday, August 19, 2011

Eilat victims' names released

The names of four victims of Thursday's terror attacks have been released. They are two sisters and their husbands.
Four victims of the deadly attacks Thursday in Eilat have been identified as husband and wife Moshe and Flora Gaz, and Flora's sister Shula Karlinsky and her husband, Dov Karlinsky. Both couples lived in Kfar Saba.

The four took off for a vacation in Eilat on Thursday, but never arrived. As they approached the city they were ambushed by terrorists, who fired an anti-tank missile at their car.

After the missile hit his target, a terrorist approached the car and fired on the four to make sure they had all been slain.
What lovely people. Give them a 'state' and I'm sure they'll stop behaving this way.


Another woman survived after her husband was murdered by playing dead. She was apparently the wife of 57-year old Yosef Levi from Holon, who was also murdered in the attack.

At this point, I think the only name we're missing is the Egged bus driver.

Here's another reminder of a case where 'Palestinian' terrorists went back to make sure that a 2-year old was dead. Nice people, aren't they? Calling them animals is an insult to the animals.... Scum of the earth - that's what they are.

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At 10:40 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel goes out of its way to shield the Arabs from the horrors of war. Its high time Israel placed a high price on Jewish life - for which Israel's government seems to have no real regard. Israel continues to delude itself into believing peace with a nation that murders its children is possible.

By definition, that is why peace is impossible.

At 5:29 PM, Blogger Dan Kelso said...

This reminds of me of the Fogel massacre.
More Kids massacred by Palestinian Nazis. You can do a google search on images to see pics of these Murdered Jewish children.

Shaked Avraham, a 7 month old baby shot in her swing by a Palestinian gunman.

The Cohen family of Kfar Darom - a bomb attack on a school bus full of children. 3 children have legs blown off.

Shalev Shabbat Egosi, the deliberate burning of a 2 year old child.

Gal Eisenmann, a 5 year old girl killed in a Palestinian homicide bomber.

Sinai Keinan, a 14 month old killed in a suicide bombing of civilians.

Avia Malka, 9 months old, killed by Palestinians at a wedding.

Shoshana Nathanson, 5 months old, horribly injured in a Palestinian suicide attack on children on a bus. Her 3 year old sister Tehilla Nathanson was murdered.

Noam and Matan Ohayon, two baby boys shot by a brave young Palestinian Islamofascist as they cowered in their bedroom with their mother.

Shalhevet Pass, a 10 month old deliberately shot and killed by a Palestinian terrorist.

The Shabo family of Itamar - the killing of a mother and her 3 boys in their house.

Danielle Shefi, a 5 year old shot by brave Islamic fascist heroes as she cowered in her bedroom with her baby brothers.

Yehuda Shoham, a 5 month old stoned to death.

How long can the left suport these Islamo Nazis.
Never forget.
Dolphinarium disco massacre, 2001
Sbarro pizzeria massacre, 2001
Passover suicide bombing, 2002
Matza restaurant massacre, 2002
Jerusalem bus 20 massacre, 2002
Jerusalem bus 2 massacre, 2003
Maxim restaurant suicide bombing, 2003
Jerusalem bus 19 massacre, 2004
Mercaz HaRav school massacre, 2008

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Dan Kelso said...

Like Germans, Palestinians indoctrinated with notion that Jews are not human
Since 2001, there were more than 150 homicide bombing attacks against Israeli civilians and another 500 which were stopped by Israeli troops.
The result was 1557 murder victims and 17,000 maimed Israelis for life.
No less than 84% of the Palestinians supported the Mercaz Harav yeshiva massacre in 08 in Jerusalem.
You can read about this here.

This shows more and more the Palestinians have no humanity.
They slaughter Israeli civilians on buses, shopping centers, disco's, pizzeria's, hotels, holocaust survivors celebrating Passover.
Jews are commonly referred to as sons and daughters of pigs and apes.
Streets in Gaza and Ramallah are named after homicide bombers who tear life from the defenseless Jews to implement the Arabs extermination plans.


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