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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Egypt claims to have prevented large-scale operation against Gaza

Israel Radio reports that, in an interview with Maan, Yaaser Othman, the Egyptian 'ambassador' to the 'Palestinian Authority' claims that Egypt prevented Israel from executing a large operation against 'Palestinian' terror groups in Gaza. There has been no comment yet from the Israeli government.
The Eilat attacks had nothing to do with Egypt, Othman said, and investigations are ongoing on both sides.

Egypt had "forbidden" Israel from launching a large-scale operation in the Gaza Strip, he added.

“The Egyptian side has felt after the Eilat operation that Israel intends to [get] revenge,” so Egypt has sent a strong message to Israel saying it won’t allow an operation to take place.

Israel did not launch a large-scale operation because they fear the Egyptian people’s reaction, Othman added.

His remarks echoed reports in the Israeli media that Egyptian officials had conveyed messages to Israel that a large-scale military operation could lead Cairo to the point of suspending relations.

In talks held this week between a senior Egyptian official and a very high-placed official in Jerusalem, the latter told him: “We stopped the escalation in Gaza because of you,” according to the report in Maariv.

This was preceded by talks held between Defense Minister Ehud Barak with Gen. Hussein Tantawi and intelligence chief Murad Muwafi, who conveyed messages in a similar vein, the report said.
So now we're subverting the security of our citizens to the whims of the Egyptian government? What could go wrong?

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At 1:03 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

This man and his Egyptian govt associates are proud of their baying mobs calling for dead Jews? How embarrassing for them.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Yes, but, given this:


How long before Egypt launches its own offensive into the Gaza Strip?

Mashaal and his gang sure know how to win friends and influence people!


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