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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Democrat thinks it's 'useful' to support Israel

The Democratic candidate in a special election in Nevada's Second Congressional district expressed support for Israel, because she thought it would be 'useful' to her campaign to do so because it's a 'timely topic' (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
[Kate] Marshall, who is running in a special election for the seat in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District, released a campaign statement supporting Israel as violence escalated in the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip. However, her aides accidentally left in a “background” section at the bottom that explained why it would be “useful to express support for Israel.”

The section, which was first reported by the Las Vegas Sun’s Jon Ralston, explains that putting out the statement would “demonstrate some foreign policy prowess” during a time when “Israel has been in the news.”

The notes that were supposed to remain private also went on to say that a statement on Israel would be timely because of Glenn Beck’s recent Rally to Restore Courage event in Jerusalem. The section alludes to the fact that Republicans are generally supporters of Israel, noting that Marshall could gain by siding with Israel “in an R district.”

“I am proud to consider Israel a friend and I reiterate my unwavering support for its fundamental right to exist and the absolute necessity for Israel to secure its people from outside threats. I stand ready and willing to assist Israel in defending itself against all acts of terrorism,” Marshall said in the press release.
The 'Palestinians' often make dumb statements like this too. They say that a terror attack doesn't advance their cause, implying that if it did, it would be okay.

So does Kate Marshall really support Israel, or only when it's 'useful'?

Marshall is running in a special election on September 13 against Republican Mark Amodei. Hopefully, she will clarify her views before then.

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At 10:04 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

"So does Kate Marshall really support Israel, or only when it's 'useful'?"

Wouldn't that be a good working definition of the phrase "fair weather friend"?

At 12:23 AM, Blogger Captain.H said...

After I read Carl's thread and posted my above comment, I came across this article at blog Hot Air, entitled "Psst: Don’t forget to pander on Israel, Dems!"

It gives more background information on why Democrat Marshall, way behind in the polls to her Republican opponent Mark Amodei, is attempting to connect with Israel-sympathetic independents and Republicans. Watch the videos too, if you have the time. It all makes it so obvious that desperate Democrat Kate Marshall is insincere and just attempting to con people to whom support of Israel is important into thinking that she shares that value.

In other words, here's yet another two-faced Democrat, who are hostile to Israel at worst and indifferent at best, lying through her teeth and insulting the voters' intelligence. That final paragraph, left in by mistake, shows her phoniness. She's not even a "fair weather friend". I hope she's squashed on election day.


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