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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Another reason to root for the Syrian uprising

Here's another reason for Israelis to root for the Syrian uprising: Bashar al-Assad's troubles are already having a devastating effect on Hezbullah.
Five years after the Second Lebanon War, a war whose results Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah considers a "divine victory," Hizbullah has currently reached one of its lowest points due to the endangered survival of the Assad regime in Syria, as well as the international tribunal that has demanded the extradition of four Hizbullah members suspected of murdering former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Damascus functions as the primary bridge between Iran and Hizbullah in terms of all military and other assistance arriving from Tehran. This comes on top of the direct transfer of rocket and missile weaponry from the Syrian army's arms depots to Hizbullah's fighting units.

Hizbullah has adopted a clear-cut stand in support of Bashar Assad, and therefore Hizbullah flags are being burned in the streets of Syria together with Nasrallah's portrait. Without Syrian backing, Hizbullah will find it hard to continue dictating political moves in Lebanon.

Recent signs of Hizbullah's weakened position include the public revelation of an espionage network run by the CIA of people in important positions within the movement; the open sale of alcoholic beverages in Nabatiye, Hizbullah's capital in southern Lebanon; and the attempt by the Lebanese government to appoint a security chief for Beirut International Airport from within the Maronite community, contrary to Hizbullah's wishes.

In light of all this, Nasrallah is looking for a new pretext to confront Israel, focusing this time on the gas fields that Israel is developing within its maritime economic zone. Nasrallah believes his threats will distract attention from the decline in Hizbullah's status and the international accusations that it currently faces.
Read it all.

I had somehow missed the story of the CIA network. Hmmm.

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At 3:15 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Glad to hear that the CIA had the cajones to do that infiltration. Kol ha kavod... That said, all of these factions seem like pots and kettles and very bloody. All I can think is for Israel to drill baby drill and to work out (and get running ASAP) desalination systems along the beach that suck water from offshore to supply the coastal cities. And then pipe the CO2 from the power plants into your greenhouses... It's harder for these bloody people to hold Israel hostage if you are organized to supply yourselves with everything you can figure out. And the technologies can be licensed or sold to other places...


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