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Friday, July 08, 2011

Why the flotillas must be stopped and flytilla update

Here's some sobering information from Prime Minister Netanyahu's joint press conference in Bulgaria on Thursday.
“It is possible to transfer everything into Gaza, just not arms and ammunition,” he said. “The number of missiles that have been transferred there in the last half year through tunnels can be brought in on one ship, and that can’t be allowed to happen,” Netanyahu said.
And an update on the flytilla. Israel Radio is reporting that thirty 'activists' have been detained from arriving flights at Ben Gurion Airport (flights suspected of carrying 'activists' are being directed to another part of the airport, presumably Terminal One), six (Israeli) 'activists' were detained in the arrivals hall, and some 200 Europeans have been prevented from boarding flights to Israel. Some of those 'activists' have been conducting a 'sit-in' (yes, it's back to the '60's) in the Lufthansa terminal at DeGaulle Airport in Paris.


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