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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The whining Larry Derfner

Larry Derfner whines about Friday's events at Ben Gurion Airport.
Let me repeat – the police started off arresting the demonstrators, but very shortly their main task was to keep them from being assaulted. They had to hold back the herd = and that’s what these people were, a herd incited by the idea that these protesters, non-violent protesters trying to get to the West Bank, were a menace, an immediate threat to their security.

And I do not buy the idea that these people are helpless pawns being manipulated by the government, the media, the right-wing politicians. Most Israelis, even if they wouldn’t join a mob like the one at the airport, want to hear the belligerent rhetoric the opinion-makers are feeding them. They hate anybody who says anything bad about Israel, and take their words automatically as “blood libels.” The opinion-makers know this, and the ones who are popular and want to stay that way tell the people what they want to hear.

Who’s manipulating whom is a chicken-and-egg question.

Watching my enraged countrymen at Ben-Gurion, I imagined the daily headlines having been distilled into a kind of political methadrine and mainlined into their veins. Few Israelis would join them in physically going after people chanting slogans. But in their insistence that protesters like these be silenced because their words are acts of violence, acts of war, of terrorism, they represent the majority. They are an authentic expression of the national will. Theirs is the loudest voice in the land, it’s joined by the voice of Netanyahu, the government, the settlers and most of the media. All competing voices are drowned out.
Damned straight (with the exception of our hopelessly Leftist media). We are sick and tired of the traitors in our midst who defend the 'right' of the 'Palestinians' to send suicide bombers to murder us. It's a pity those 'activists' didn't get their butts kicked on Friday. And Derfner along with them.

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At 1:21 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Larry Derfner claims to be a leftist Zionist. Why then does he side with Israel's enemies?

He should have been thrashed at Ben Gurion! Mainstream Israelis are sick and tired of scum like him who constantly complain how bad Israel is and can never find a good word to say about their country!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Daisy said...

Yeah right. They weren't even foreign activists. They were four anarchists from Tel Aviv who were screeching Free Palestine. And what the passersby did was mainly make a lot of 'white' noise so their screeching couldn't be heard.

I'm so proud of them, just ordinary people who happened to be there. They prove the exact opposite of what this guy says. That people are capable of thinking independently of the left wing nonsense they are constantly being fed in the daily papers and on the TV news.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Eric H said...

Sad though it may be for some 'well intended' British retirees to be detained at Ben Gurion Airport they must have known about possible consequences of engaging in provocative acts. Clearly representing a political organisation supporting the Palestinian Cause may not have been such a clever thing to do. Wouldn't it have been better for them to go to Israel as 'ordinary' visitors and during their stay there go to Bethlehem and visit those whom apperantly had invited them to their homes?
What did this group gain? International exposure as 'innocent' activists? In that respect they may well have scored some points, as the international already very biased (anti-Israel)media would only be too happy to broadcast the story. Other than that it would not be surprising that this was and is their last journey to Israel and rightfully so!
The Israeli authorities were and are completely within their right to protect themselves against those whom by their (undoubtedly well meant) actions, are supporting corrupt and subversive terrorist regimes, who are hell bent on the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Moriah said...



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