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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UNESCO converts Maimonides to Islam

Just when you thought they couldn't get any crazier, UNESCO has converted the Rambam (Maimonides) to Islam.
On a final note, a recent UNESCO report on science, Jewish physician and theologian Maimonides is classified as a Muslim named “Moussa ben Maimoun.” So the Rambam - for Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon – has been forced to “convert” to Islam by the UN’s revisionist historians.

During the Middle Ages, the French Inquisition confiscated and burned Maimonides's books. From the elegant Parisian boulevards, UNESCO’s inquisitors are now following the same dreadful solution of rendering history and the Holy Land "Judenrein."
And this is just the latest chapter in UNESCO's war against the Jews, writes Giulio Meotti.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted a decision calling on Israel to immediately cease all archaeological works in the Old City of Jerusalem. In particular, UNESCO, one of the UN’s most prominent and influential agencies, attacked the renovation of the Mughrabi Bridge that links the Western Wall plaza and Temple Mount.

The decision, initiated and promoted by Arab states, was adopted by consensus of the Western members of the commission. Indeed, the vote is the latest anti-Jewish initiative launched by the UN office meant to promote culture, education and science around the world. In fact, UNESCO’s robber barons are sanctifying the current global campaign aimed liquidating the legitimacy of the Israeli regime.

In 2009, UNESCO designated Jerusalem as “capital of Arab culture,” working with Palestinian Authority officials and key Arab figures to protest against what they described as “the Israeli occupation of Holy Jerusalem.” Other cities granted the title over the years were Algiers, Damascus, Cairo, Tunis, Amman, Beirut and Khartoum.

The Arabs find it difficult to convincingly portray Israel as usurper of the land as long as the world believes there is a huge connection between the people of the Bible and the land of the Bible. UNESCO is denying this connection by depicting Jewish history in the Middle East as no more than an insignificant, brief sojourn by arrogant colonizers.

UNESCO appears to deny that the Jewish people has laid its roots in Israel more than 4,000 years ago, or that 1,000 years before Christ, King David made Jerusalem the Jewish city par excellence, never entirely abandoned even in times of deadly persecution.

The City of David in Jerusalem, a major target of UNESCO’s anti-Jewish fury, is now the hottest open archaeological site in the world, with biblical artifacts, ancient burial spots and royal seals. There, UNESCO is using archeology to bash Israel and treats Israeli archeologists as nationalistic martinets.
Read the whole thing. It is truly sickening.

The picture at the top is a statue of the Rambam outside his birthplace in Cordoba, Spain, which I visited with Mrs. Carl, and with son #3 child #6 in tow, in 2001. The Rambam is likely rolling over in his grave upon hearing of his 'conversion' to Islam.
Moses Maimonides is known as the greatest Jewish philosopher and codifier of Jewish law in history. Born in Cordova, Spain, he was forced to flee from fanatical Moslems at the age of thirteen, where he traveled with his family to North Africa, and ten years later to Palestine. As a result of the devastation left by the Crusaders, Palestine was virtually uninhabitable, forcing the family to move to Fostat (current day Cairo).
Yet another reminder that it's long past time to withdraw from the 'United Nations.'

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At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as Israel truckles to the Jerusalem Islamic Wafq, the brazen chutzpah will continue. Arabs interpret Israeli accommodations to Islamic religious and nationalist sensibilities in Jerusalem as weakness and invitation to expropriation. The question is not only why Israel is still in the UN but why any UN personnel are in Israel or relied upon to play any positive role on Israel's borders. Sadly, the games will continue.

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

does unesco know that he referred to mohammed as a madman?

At 1:22 AM, Blogger Broomer said...

Couldn't find that info on UNESCO. Can you put out a call for evidence? Thanks.

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maimonides is classified as a Muslim named “Moussa ben Maimoun.” So the Rambam - for Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon – has been forced to “convert” to Islam by the UN’s revisionist historians.

Ynet has made a mistake.

Where is the proof? UNESCO would not do such a thing. Moussa ben Maimon is simply the Arabic version of his name, it doesn't mean he is a Muslim, he's always been called that, or simply Musa Maimun, or Ibn Maimun,

Can we see the proof? Or Ynet needs to apologise and retract

At 5:27 AM, Blogger TzVi Ben Roshel said...

Well this is one "Muslim" that characterized mohammed (YSV) as "The Crazy one".

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

I found proof that UNESCO indeed called Maimonedes a Muslim.

Here is the original article (translated from French, but it is clear what was said, when you search for "Maimoun"). He is listed as a Muslim scientist.


UNESCO sickens me...

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

In fact Maimonidies did call Muhammad a madman in his Epistle to the Jews of Yemen (who were told to convert to Islam or die).


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Btw - here is Wikisource on the Epistle to Yemen:


Note paragraphs IV and VIII, amongst others.

It is without a doubt that Maimonides called Muhammad a madman.

I personally don't need Maimonides to called Muhammad a madman for me to know that - assuming he existed - he was a madman. I think anyone who claims prophecy (certainly after the destruction of the Second Temple) is basically a madman.

But you can be a madman, as long as you "live and let live" and practice the oath of "do not harm." As my dad famously said to me: "I am okay with any religion that does not practice head chopping."

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@Red Tulips

"In fact Maimonidies did call Muhammad a madman in his Epistle to the Jews of Yemen (who were told to convert to Islam or die).


Andrew Bostom doesn't source his lies. He cannot because he bastardised the truth. The epistle is there at the link I posted above at the Chabad site. The same with the Wikisource link you posted. Neither name Mohammed. You are a liar.

You obviously cannot read Red Tulips, and the fact that you see Andrew Bostom (a lying Islamophobe) as a good source, says more about you. No wonder you were trying your sly tricks of blaming atheists for Islamophobia, in previous threads. I've lost all respect for you. YOu're just a liar, since you obviously don't come across as a stupid person,

I also think the reason you don't like Pamela Geller is because she is too crass and crude to be taken seriously and she discredits your cause of Islamophobia.

Here is the original article (translated from French, but it is clear what was said, when you search for "Maimoun"). He is listed as a Muslim scientist.

You bring a French translation which doesn't say what you claim. Are you so stupid that you do not know that words can change in translations, or maybe that's why you deliberately posted this, just like your Andrew Bostom link, and Wikisource link. All lies, and none of them say what you claim.

Do you want to be sued for libel and slander?

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Red Tulips

Here is the full text of the epistle

The Epistle Concerning Yemen

An even more famous letter by Rambam, Epistle Concerning Yemen (Iggeret Teiman), was composed as the result of similar persecutions in another Jewish community. This epistle was written in response to a query by a Yemenite sage, Rabbi Jacob al-Fayumi during a period of violent persecution and religious intolerance in his country. About the year 1168, the Jews of Yemen were confronted with a three-pronged agonizing problem. A fanatical Moslem cleric became the ruler of this distant, primitive South Arabian land and decreed that his Jewish subjects convert to Islam under the threat of harsh punishment and suffering. Their agony was compounded by a Jewish apostate who embraced Mohammedanism. To demonstrate his zeal for his newly adopted faith, he began preaching to the Jewish communities that Mohammed was a divinely sent prophet alluded to in the Bible and that Islam was a new, divinely revealed religion superseding Judaism. Hence, the apostate argued, the Jews should yield to the ruler's demand and embrace Mohammedanism. Furthermore, at just about this time, an impostor appeared proclaiming himself to be the Messiah, adding to the confusion of the poor wretched masses. Rabbi Jacob al-Fayumi turned to Rambam for advice and counsel.

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon addressed a letter to this sage, and through him to the entire Jewish population of Yemen. He states that the root of all anti-Semitism throughout the ages is envy of the Jews being the Chosen People and the recipients of the G-d given Torah. Unable to do battle with the Almighty Himself, the haters turn their jealous rage toward His people.

Throughout the ages this has taken three forms: brute force to exterminate the physical existence of the Chosen People; sophisticated persuasions to refute or falsify the teachings of Judaism, epitomized by Hellenism; and finally by the combination of the two, the false claims of new religions - Christianity and Islam - that Judaism is no longer valid and Jews must be forced to accept the new revelation. He consoled them by telling them that the Jews are a unique and indestructible nation; that all the past and present sufferings and persecutions were foretold by the Prophets, and just as in the past the nations had failed to annihilate the Jewish people or destroy the Jewish religion, so will the present persecution fail, and peace and tranquility will return to the community. He contemptuously dismissed and disproved the assertion that Judaism has been supplanted by Islam and showed that the claim that Mohammed is alluded to in the Bible is based upon nonsensical interpretations recognized as such even by the Moslems themselves.

Rambam advised that the self-proclaimed Messiah is nothing but an impostor and no doubt a madman. He urged them to remain firm in the belief that G-d will send the true Moshiach to redeem the Jewish people from suffering in exile at the proper time.

The epistle accomplished its purpose - the Yemenite Jews remained faithful to their religion in the face of their bitter suffering. Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon used his influence at the court of Saladin in Egypt to intervene in their behalf, and the persecution came to an end. The Jewish community of Yemen gratefully appreciated both the spiritual advice as well as the actual help of Rambam in the hour of their distress and honored him by including his name in the Kaddish prayer, saying: "May He establish His kingship... in your lifetime and in the lifetime of the entire House of Israel and in the lifetime of our teacher Moshe ben Maimon," an honor heretofore reserved for the Resh Galutah (Jewish Exilarch) in Babylonia.


At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



Moses ben Maymün (Maimonides in Latinized form) and Ibn
Rushd (the Averroës of the Europeans) were both born in Córdoba within a few years of one another. The former Jewish, the latter Muslim, both writers in Arabic, they took the great tradition of Classical Antiquity and transmitted it, enriched and modified, to medieval Christendom.

These two great Cordobán philosophers symbolize the cultural universalism of al-Andalus, a tradition which made for the fruitful co-existence of cultural traditions that
sprang from the three great monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, in a spirit of tolerance which, despite religious persecution as the period drew to an end, still stands as an example
and was almost unique in its time.

This issue of the Unesco Courier, devoted to these two great
figures of universal learning, is an attempt to throw light on a great age of intellectual achievement, the age of classical Arab Muslim thought, which deserves to be more widely known and understood.

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslima Chayma, you are one big sloppy joke. You must have a belly ache from eating so many of your words.

It is no longer easy to pull the wool over the eyes of the infidels as it used to be years ago. No more.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Chayma, I already linked to UNESCO's document itself - translated from French - where they do call Maimonides a Muslim. This is not a matter of debate.

I also linked to Wikisource, where I showed that Muhammad himself was called a Madman by Maimonides. This is also not a matter of debate.

It is very sad that you really do have nothing to come back with. Facts are facts are facts.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Chayma, one more thing. For you to read my source - a UNESCO document itself, which very clearly states Maimonides is a Muslim, and to twist it as you have - shows that you have no scruples whatsoever.

I then linked to Wikisource which shows - without debate - that Maimonides called Muhammad a madman. You again disputed a simple fact that is not subject to debate, by linking to another story about a false prophet that is irrelevant to the issue at hand.

Sad. I honestly feel sorry for you. You really have no facts to back up what you say, so you just make stuff up. You think you can pull the wool over the eyes of the informed, but sadly, you have encountered an EPIC FAIL in your quest!

At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Chayma, one more thing. For you to read my source - a UNESCO document itself, which very clearly states Maimonides is a Muslim, and to twist it as you have - shows that you have no scruples whatsoever.

Who do you think you are talking to? you are the unscrupulous...and i cannot complete this sentence or the comment won't be approved.

You brought a LIE, and no link but a google translate link. Are you stupid?

I have now found the link that is the cause of this misunderstanding, it appears to be a typo and a genuine error by the writer, Adnan Baradan, he is probably as stupid as you are,


the offending snetence is

les noms de quelques savants européens apparaissaient dans la littérature scientifique à côté d’un grand nombre de savants musulmans, parmi lesquels Ibn Rushd (Averroès), Moussa ibn Maïmoun (Maïmonide), Tousi et Ibn Nafis.

It is also a mistake. Ynet should have written to them about this. In any case, the fact they have other documents on their site (as I posted above), means Adnan Baradan made a mistake here. It's sloppiness on their part. Just like it is sloppiness for Israel Matzav to post this without checking.

Ive written to UNESCO, asking them to correct this mistake, and give Adnan Baradan a kick on his backside for his sloppiness, though not exactly in those words.

I have also recommended that they sue for you REd Tulips for libel and slander and for inferring that they did it deliberately and for attempting to use French translations to prove you own lies.

You could have brought the original if you were not an unsrupulous lying ....****

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Tulips, the wikisource link you posted shows you're a liar.

You discredit yourself. REad it again. The Chabad link I posted backs it up.

You're the sorry clown here.

At 12:39 AM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Wow. Chayma, you assume - without proof - that UNESCO "unintentionally" called Maimonides a Muslim. I know someone who used to work for the UN, and they actually proof read their documents. That is a mighty fine "mistake," that you declare a mistake without a scintilla a proof that it was unintentional.

Oh, and the Wikisource document I linked to also unambiguously calls Muhammad a madman. Anyone who studies Torah knows that Maimonides did not have kind words for Islam. After all, he had to flee for his life from Al-Andaluz!

As I said, I don't discriminate only against Muhammad. I believe that anyone who thinks they talk to God is a madman. I don't need Maimonides to tell me that for that to be what I think.

As I said - believe whatever you want. I am not telling you that you have to convert to Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, or even atheism. Believe that the sky is pink with green polka dots, believe that the earth is triangular shaped, rather than round. Believe that Muhammad spoke to God. Believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for all I care! (all of it are about as equally realistic) I am fine with all of that as long as there is no head chopping.

In summation: I would love for UNESCO to sue me for libel!! Truth is an absolute defense to libel, and I would love to have the world see how UNESCO called Maimonides a Muslim. It would make my day!!

At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Redtulips,

You can history revise all you want, regarding the Epistle to Yeman but the truth is there for anyone who wants to find it.

Anyone who studies Torah knows that Maimonides did not have kind words for Islam. After all, he had to flee for his life from Al-Andaluz!

What he said about fleeing from the Almohad's fanatic rule is distinct from the Epistle he wrote about your fake Messiah, David Alrui. That is not disputed, nor would I deny that. The Al Mohad's were a fanatical sect, who didn't last long. Fanatic rulers were rare, but they did sometimes pop up. It so happens that Maimondades lived through such a time. He was exiled, so it's understandable he'd have harsh things to say.

But the fact remains, Maimonades did return after using his influence in Saladin's court, once the AlMohad's were deposed.

You are certainly no scholar of Torah you ignoramus, as you have proven in your previous posts and above. Blaming atheists for Islamophobia, when they apply their criticism uniformly to other religions means they are NOT Islamophobes. You didn't even know that Halacha permits attacking false Prophets and religions.

The Islamic moral code betters yours in this respect. Our religion forbids us to insult other religions. By the way, despite your best lies, Mohammed is the most influential man in history. Add up the influence of all your Prophets from Adam to Malachi, (i won't include Jesus, since you don't believe in him, but even if you add him,) tot up the influence of all these men, and it still doesn't match the influence of Mohammed.

YOu have had so many fake Messiah's, Shabtai Tzvi had to convert to Islam to save his life, because the Rabbinate of the day, wanted him put to death for calling himself a Messiah. He only lived becaue he converted to Islam. So much for your statement of Islam being the religon of beheading. Why was Tzvi under threat of death?

Wow. Chayma, you assume - without proof - that UNESCO "unintentionally" called Maimonides a Muslim. I know someone who used to work for the UN, and they actually proof read their documents.

I don't believe you. You've proven yourself to be a liar, hence anything you say is suspect.

Why did you not post the original French link? Is it because you could see it was so obviously, a mistake?

But even if I were to take your word about the documents being proofread, if even machines can make mistakes, are you too mean spirited to allow for human mistakes? Why do you suppose it could not be a mistake?

Ynet should have given UNESCO a chance to explain this. If they had refused to correct this mistake, and it's obvious it's a mistake, THEN you can accuse them of trying to make him a Muslim.

Looking at this neutrally, how on earth can UNESCO call Maimonades a Muslim, when other publications on their website state clearly what he was? Don't you think for them to deliberately do this, would be making them look like fools?

I'm sure you know that...but then agian, you're an intellectually dishonest liar, looking for something to use against UNESCO because you don't like what they do.

At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Chayma, you assume - without proof - that UNESCO "unintentionally" called Maimonides a Muslim.

Have you not heard of "innocent till proven guilty" Red Tulips? It's a universal ethic.

Which laws of the jungle do you follow?

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I believe that anyone who thinks they talk to God is a madman. I don't need Maimonides to tell me that for that to be what I think."


Billions of folks talk to God. It's called prayer.

The fun starts when God talks back.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chayma, yes, it's SNL time!


a) Islamic jurists regularly hurl invective at Jews and incite murder of apostates--ask Copts or Bahai or Sufi if the poisonous posturing pouring out against Jews from mosques across the Arab world doesn't sufficiently disprove the malarky that Muslims are somehow sooo attentive to other religions--total b.s. Derogatory incitement against Christians and Jews regularly turns up in Saudi textbooks used in Islamic schools in Britain and the U.S. Anecdotally, Islamic guys who don't know I'm Jewish come up casually with bizarre anti-Semitic nuggets at the drop of a hat, unprompted (Jewish politicians control America and are controlled by Israel in turn, the Koran promises that the Jews are on top now but Allah will kill them all when the time is right, Israel knew of 9/11 in advance)

b) "Shabtai Tzvi had to convert to Islam to save his life, because the Rabbinate of the day, wanted him put to death for calling himself a Messiah." WTF???!!!!--total b.s., malarky, argy-bargy nonsense. He didn't have to convert to Islam to protect himself from the Jews; rabbis were split between non-violent opposition, indifference and support--nobody in the Jewish world was calling for his head.

In fact he didn't intend to convert.

It was the Ottomon Sultan who suddenly presented both options tied up in a bow to Tzvi; not the Jews, not the shmuck Shabbati from his own free will, but, yup, another intolerant, murderous Islamic mucky muck.

"You say you are the Messiah," suggested the sultan. "How very impressive. Tell you what, I think you are just another impious fraud. So you have a choice, Mr. Big Jewish Messiah, accept Islam or have your head chopped off."

Prompted neither by the Jews nor his own original intent, but by the typically gracious religious instructions of Islam (do what we say or we will kill you), Mr. Messiah did choose dishonor over death (not that his disgrace put an end to the Shabbatian apostasy or the succeeding waves of paradoxical misfits, the Donmeh and the Frankists)

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since the Sultan was ruler, obviously the task of death sentencing would be ultimately his decision. The facts are, Tzvi's enemies which included the prominent Rabbi's of the day, wanted him put to death, because he was an apostate and leading Jews astray. But they didn’t have the authority. In all fairness that was their right since he was a threat to their community and an apostate. His enemies were amongst his own, not the Muslims. He was ostracised as a heretic, and there was a sustained campaign against him , that ultimately, led to his arrest. They didn’t have the authority to put him to death themselves.

But a Muslim ruler or Caliph, does have one last recourse, before passing a death sentence on a non Muslim (if he has been convicted in his own courts or by the state), and that is to offer him/her the choice of conversion. This law we have is unique to Islam, and it is often distorted by Islamophboes who do not explain why it exists and when it can be put into action by a judge or ruler. Instead they say, to say, that they were offered the choice of death or conversion. Convicts are only offered that choice, if their crime is against God (bar idolatry), and that too because saving a life is mandatory if someone does a sincere repentence. Converting to Islam erases all previous sins which are against God, but not sins against people. The Shabtai Tzvi’s sins were against God, as he pretended to be a false Prophet, but he hadn’t murdered or stole for example..

It’s the example the Prophet used to use, against non Muslim’s convicted to death, hence the polemic by history revisers that he forced people to convert to Islam or die.... but I digress.

The Sultan’s Vizier, advised Shabtai Tzvi to convert to Islam to save his life.

more to follow...

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Sparky

The below version is not the complete truth as we know it there are omissions and glossings over, but nevertheless it shows that even a biased source contradicts what history revisers (Islamophobic) like to parrot.

The Infamous Shabbetai Tzvi

With this blatant attempt to abrogate Torah law, Shabbetai Tzvi drew the firm opposition of the rabbis upon himself. Openly attacking him, they went before the civil authorities and accused him of embezzling some of the funds which he had collected. Furthermore, they claimed, by calling himself the mashiach, he was rebelling against the Sultan.
Under the spell of Shabbetai Zvi's magnetic personality, the kadi and his court freed him of all charges. The "messiah" and his followers were ecstatic with the news, calling it an open miracle. The kadi, in a bizarre turn of events, permitted Shabbetai Tzvi to be led around the city on horseback, a privilege no Jew was permitted under Turkish law.

Deeply disturbed over Nasan's behavior, Rabbi Chagiz asked his renegade disciple what had caused such a great change to come over him. Nasan answered him openly. He said that the kabbalist Rabbi Avraham Chananiah of Hebron had been in Gaza recuperating from an illness. When he was about to return to Hebron, Nasan stole a private manuscript on practical Kabbalah from Rabbi Avraham Chananiah, which explained how to reach celestial beings and communicate with them. With this book, he succeeded in soliciting powers from the spiritual worlds.

Jerusalem's Stand

Realizing the dangerous threat posed by Nasan and Shabbetai Tzvi, Rav Chagiz threatened them. In the time of the Sanhedrin, Nasan would have been convicted of being a false prophet, and sentenced to death. The same fate would have befallen Shabbetai Tzvi. Barring that possibility, Rabbi Chagiz had the authority to excommunicate them, a formidable punishment in itself, which would exclude them from the Jewish community. His words, however, fell on deaf ears. Thus it was that the rabbis of the city, under the leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Chagiz, declared a cherem (decree of excommunication) on them. They were banished from the Holy City, never to return, at the beginning of Av, 1664 (5424). Though they were only there for about a week, in that short time they succeeded in arousing the hostile feelings of nearly everyone in the city.

Although Shabbetai Tzvi heeded the rabbis injunction, he was infuriated by it and cursed them. Later, however, when he met a group of Jewish pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, he sent an apology.

Rabbi Chagiz was unmoved. "See how empty this messiah is!" he said mockingly. "He obeys my cherem (ban of excommunication) and is afraid of me."

Immediately after issuing their proclamation, the rabbis sent letters to all the world's major Jewish communities, warning them of the false messiah.


Oh and Sparky,

You have the ignomy of having a long list of false Messiah's. The worst one (Paul of Tarsus), led much of the world to paganism and idolatry.

Even if you add up the sins of all of Islam's renegades, butchers, apostates and other assorted riff raff we have had, none have led the world to idolatry (the most heinous sin)

Shabtei Tzvi used to call himself God.

At 3:09 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

Chayma, I find you astonishing in your proud ignorance. It is a simple fact that Sabbatai Zvi was fired to convert to Islam by the Sultan - regardless of what rabbis said or did not say against him, that is not why he did not convert.

It is also a simple fact that Maimonides called Muhammad (as I said, assuming he even existed) to be a madman. I piste a direct link where he said it. It is not in dispute and I will not humor you anymore in responding to your lies on the subject.

As I said, I am not even sure Muhammad existed, but assuming he did, he obviously did not have conversations with God, where God talked back. So yes, he was a madman, by definition.

I posted the link to a translation of a French UNESCO article because that is what I found. It was written in 2096 and since then there hce been complaints that Maimonides was calle a Muslim. And yet - miraculously, perhaps (!) - the article shows that Maimonides was a Muslim. "innocent until proven guilty" does not apply here. UNESCO had written complaints sent in about this article, and yet Maimonides remains a Muslim in the article. That shows pretty darn clear intent.

Finally, when I say Muhammad was a madman, as I say, I apply that logic to every religion. I simply think most religions are base on myth of events that did not happen, rather than a madman's account of supposed conversations with God. Other modern madmen would be anyone else who started a religion, claiming to base it off conversations with God. But believe in what you want. I am fine with it, as long as there is no head chopping!

Sadly, the head chopping remains a reality in modern Islam.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

One more thing. Idolatry is NOT the wort sin known to mankind. I would think child molestation, raping, maiming, and human butchery are far worse. All that has been done in the name of religion, but in modern times, is generally only done by Muslims in the name of Islam. If you go worship a tree and say it is God, it has no effect upon the world.

I am not a pagan myself, but it is insane and illogical to say that paganism/idolatry is the worst sin on earth. It ain't. I'd be thrilled if we lived in a world where the worst problem we dealt with was someone worshipping a tree.

Chayma, you get so offended when people criticize Islam. Why are you a paganophobe? I am so offended by your paganophobia!!

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Tulips

Anyody who reads the above threat, and who has access to history books as opposed to propoganda like yourself, can see who is the liar. You're in a state of denial too. Facts are facts, and you cannot change them no matter how much you may try to revise history.

Nothing new, i'm still waiting in another thread for you to show me how the OIC promotes anti semitism.

In yet another thread, you said in one breath how Jews suffer more attacks in the USA than Muslims, and in the next breath you said the OIC is responsible for fomenting anti Semitism. The attacks in the USA are NOT fomented by the OIC, nor do they primarily come from American Muslims. You proved you are an ignorant liar then, just as you did above.

The pertinent question above which you refused to address, is this:

Why did you not post the original link to Adnan Baradan's UNESCO report, the subject of this article, instead of a google translate link?

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Gazoo said...

On the google translate link red tulips posted The word Maimoun does not occur anywhere on the page.. that is becanse UNESCO have corrected it and removed that.

google translate link


Fortunately though, the great Blogger Elder Of Zyon sourced it.


showing the french and english

I asked Meotti for the document where UNESCO calls Maimonides (the Rambam) a Muslim, and after a bit of searching we found it. It was in the French version of a December 2010 report on science in the Arab world by Adnan Badran:

Une fois Tolède reprise aux Maures par les croisés en 1085, les savants européens y affluèrent afin de traduire les anciens textes classiques du grec (que l’Europe avait oubliés) vers l’arabe et l’hébreu, puis le latin, rendant ce la première partie du Moyen Âge européen (1100-1543), les noms de quelques savants européens apparaissaient dans la littérature scientifique à côté d’un grand nombre de savants musulmans, parmi lesquels Ibn Rushd (Averroès), Moussa ibn Maïmoun (Maïmonide), Tousi et Ibn Nafis.

After the recovery of Toledo from the Moors by the Crusaders in 1085, European scholars flocked there to translate the ancient classical texts from the Greek (which Europe had forgotten) to Arabic and Hebrew and Latin, making it the first part of the European Middle Ages (1100-1543), the names of some European scholars appeared in scientific literature next to a large number of Muslim scholars, including Ibn Rushd (Averroes), Maimouna Ibn Moussa (Maimonides), Tousi and Ibn Nafis.

UNCESO have rewritten the last sentence to remove Maimonides from that line so their line now reads

"musulmans, parmi lesquels Ibn Rushd (Averroès), Tousi et Ibn


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