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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photographic evidence: Jews lived in Shiloah (Silwan) in 1901

The pictures above are from the Library of Congress. On Friday, Picture A Day published the picture above with the following note (Hat Tip: Joseph S).
The caption on this Library of Congress photograph reads, "The village of Siloam [i.e. Siloan, Shiloah, Silwan] and Valley of Kedron, Palestine." But whoever wrote the caption, perhaps 110 years ago, missed an important fact. The man standing above his village is a Jew from Yemen.


But another migration took place 70 years ago in 1881-1882 when a group of Jews of Yemen arrived by foot to Jerusalem. They belonged to no "Zionist movement." They returned out of an age-old religious fervor to return to Zion.

The new immigrants settled on Jewish-owned property in the Shiloah Village outside of the Old City walls of Jerusalem.

The gentleman in the photograph above wears the distinctive Jewish Yemenite clothing of the time, according to a Yemenite expert today.
The blogger (my friend, Lenny Ben David) has other pictures of Yemenite Jews from the period that prove he's correct, and has also received emails from Yemenite Jews regarding the photograph.

Read the whole thing.

Today, Shiloah (Silwan) is a center of controversy with Arabs trying to deny that Jews ever lived there and Jews living there under armed guard.

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At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To settle any controversy just open the Word of G_d You will find the village of Shiloh mentioned there. The boundaries of Israel are explained in detail also. With the capitol Jerusalem the Holy City of G_d. Rebellious nations and people opposing this plan willbe destroyed. And any concessions and land for peace deals are useless. They will never produce peace but more calamity .

At 2:06 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The anti-Jewish bigots of the radical Israeli Left seek by force to keep Jews from living in parts of Jerusalem because the Arabs who drove them out should be entitled to keep them out. But those same people scream its "racism" for Jews to keep Arabs out of Jewish neighborhoods. If they were consistent they might have a point but in reality that stand is the same one the Arabs have about Jews living in any part of the Land Of Israel. The photos moreover don't lie as much as human beings for who present day political correctness takes precedence over the historical truth.


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