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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

'Palestinians' set pre-conditions for 'talks' with Israel

The 'Palestinians,' as representatives of the starting and losing parties of the 1967 Six Day War, have announced the preconditions to their coming to the negotiating table to 'talk' to Israel about 'peace' rather than pursue a unilateral declaration of reichlethood at the United Nations.
The Palestinian Authority will abandon its plan to ask the UN in September to recognize a Palestinian state along pre-1967 lines if Quartet members ­ the US, EU, UN and Russia ­ recognize the two-state principle as the basis for a settlement and call on Israel to withdraw from the territories captured in 1967, including east Jerusalem, an advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday.

Nimer Hammad, political advisor to Abbas, said that the Quartet should also call for a full cessation of construction in Jewish settlements and set a clear timetable for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The Quartet representatives are scheduled to meet on July 11 to discuss the latest developments surrounding the Middle East peace process in wake of the PA's intention to go to the UN in September.

"The Palestinian Authority is determined to proceed with its plan to go to the UN Security Council if Israel continues to deny the rights of the Palestinians and international legitimacy," Hammad said.

"We are continuing with preparations in the legal and international arenas for the September battle. But if the Quartet endorses the two-state solution and demands a freeze of settlement construction, we will change our mind."

PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Monday that the Palestinians would return to the negotiating table with Israel once Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declares his acceptance of the two-state solution on the basis of the pre-1967 lines and halts construction not only in the West Bank, but also in east Jerusalem.
Of course, the 'Palestinians' would not characterize all of this as preconditions.
Erekat said that the Palestinian stance toward the peace process was not a pre-condition. "This is an Israeli obligation," he said. "We hope that the Americans and the Quartet will oblige Netanyahu to accept the two-state solution and stop settlement construction."
It's really time for Prime Minister Netanyahu to tell Abu Bluff and the 'Palestinians' to f**k off. So far, he has not done that.
"If a one-sided anti-Israel resolution goes through, it will set back peace for decades," Netanyahu warned. "The Palestinians have systematically avoided negotiations."

He also added that "Nothing we do might prevent them [the Palestinians] from going forward with this."
It's time to tell the 'Palestinians' that either they come to the table without preconditions or they can kiss their reichlet good bye. What the Greeks have managed to show this weekend is that no one really cares about the 'Palestinians.' You will note that despite the fact that the Greeks have now stopped both an American and a Canadian boat from leaving Greek waters for 'Palestine,' there have been no protests from the United States, from Canada, from Europe, from any Arab country or from the United Nations. The World is tired of the 'Palestinians.' Sure, they'll probably vote for a unilateral declaration of reichlethood if it comes up in September, because that's what they do when push comes to shove, and because everyone wants to make Obama use that veto. But it's meaningless. No one is going to take the steps to enforce it.

Israel has nothing to fear. It's time we started acting like it.

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At 1:18 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Exactly. The Arab countries don't care enough to keep the PA afloat. Israel should take a hint and let it sink.


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