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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'Palestinian' solidarity with the people of Norway

A new 'Palestinian' blog expresses solidarity with the people of Norway.
My sympathy at the terrible loss of life in Norway extends especially to their left-wing politicians who thankfully dominate the country's political narrative. I have just heard one of their senior government members on the BBC news claim that, with the 'possible exception of the Beslan massacre', the Norway attack was 'unprecedented because it was the only terrorist attack in history in which children were specifically targeted'.

I am especially grateful that, according to most Norwegians, when Palestinians massacre Israeli children in their dozens in schools (as they did in Maalot in 1974) in their hundreds on buses (as they did during the second intifada and numerous previous occasions) at a disco, and even when they decapitate Israeli toddlers and babies as they did this year in Itamar, none of that counts as terrorism. Thankfully the Norwegians are usually the first to explain that the attackers had justified grievances.
Read the whole thing. Heh.

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