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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PA claims US hasn't 'clearly rejected' their statehood bid

Not saying clearly "no" is just so Obama....
“We heard about their opposition through mediators,” Abbas told a PLO parley in Ramallah. “The leadership hasn’t received a clear American rejection of the idea to go to the UN. We don’t want a clash with America. We want to coordinate our positions with the world, including the US.”

Abbas’s statement came despite the fact that senior PA officials who visited Washington in the past two months clearly stated that the US Administration had threatened to use the veto in the Security Council to thwart the PA plan.

Abbas was addressing the PLO Central Council, which convened to discuss the PA’s statehood initiative.

Abbas reiterated his determination to proceed with the statehood bid in September, saying he was waiting for the advice of Arab and Western legal experts on the matter.

“We are going to the Security Council and we will confirm this on August 4, when the Arab League meets in Doha in the attendance of Arab and foreign experts who would give us advice,” Abbas said. “Whether we succeed or not, it won’t be an alternative to negotiations [with Israel]. But if we succeed, the negotiations would take a different shape. Our choice is negotiations even after we go to the UN.”

Abbas said it was too late for the PA leadership to backtrack on the UN statehood plan.

“We have 122 countries that recognize the state of Palestine on the 1967 borders,” he added. “We want to rally support so that our leadership and seek the advice of everyone.”
The rest of it is just same old, same old. But could it be that Obama hasn't actually told him directly "no"? That sure seemed to be the message Erekat and Shaath got in Washington two weeks ago.

What could go wrong?

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