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Monday, July 25, 2011

More 'Palestinian' than the 'Palestinians'

Ziad J. Asali, the founder of the American Task Force for 'Palestine' lists four reasons why the 'Palestinians' should drop their UN bid (Hat Tip: Soccer Dad).
First, the United States indicated unequivocally that it would veto in the Security Council a Palestinian application for U.N. membership, making such membership impossible at this time. Moreover, Congress has sent a strong message that U.N. action on Palestinian statehood would result in a cutoff of U.S. aid, and the United States is the single biggest donor to the Palestinian Authority.

Second, Palestinian hopes for securing support for U.N. membership from a unified European community have been dashed by the open opposition of some countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, and by a lack of support from nations such as Britain and France, which hold key swing votes.

Third, Israel is threatening unspecified unilateral retaliation.

Fourth, there is a significant danger of widespread outrage among Palestinians if a U.N. effort fails, with serious potential for unrest. Outrage can also be expected if a U.N. initiative succeeds but produces no improvement or even leads to deterioration in Palestinians’ living conditions.
Not good enough screams one prominent American in response.
Ziad J. Asali was mistaken in his July 22 Washington Forum column [“A showdown Palestinians should avoid”] when he advised Palestinians to yet again postpone the realization of their basic human right to self-determination. The longer it takes to establish the Palestinian state takes, the worse the frustration that Palestinians suffer and the more desperate they become, which inevitably leads to violence. Worse, the more the delay, the better the chances of Israelis intent on making Jerusalem and as much of Judea and Samaria as possible Jewish.

This dangerous trend of provocative settlements and violent reactions, sustained since 1967, then justifies Israeli refusal to withdraw. This pattern has repeated over and over. No more delays. Do it now.

Charles Kestenbaum, Vienna

The writer retired after 21 years in the Commerce Department’s Foreign Commercial Service and is president and co-owner of B&K International, a Middle East consulting firm.
I guess that wisdom is not a requirement for working at the Commerce Department. At least not for Jews.

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