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Monday, July 11, 2011

Maan rewrites history

Sometimes the Arabs are so good at lying that they can no longer tell the difference between lies and the truth. Take, for example, this piece by Ali Halimeh, the 'Palestinian ambassador' to South Africa in Maan (Hat Tip: Eliana).
The two-state solution on the land of Palestine was the first international initiative to end the Arab-Zionist conflict, by voting in the General Assembly of the United Nations on the partition resolution No. 181, on 29 November 1947, without consulting or even notifying the Palestinians or the Arab world.

This led the international community to announce, a few months later, the establishment of Israel in May 1948. This gave Israel the right of statehood through full membership of international organizations, especially the United Nations, leaving the Palestinian people looking for their own state ever since.
Forget for a minute that the 1947 partition plan was not the 'first international initiative' to end the 'Arab-Zionist conflict.' Halimeh never heard of the Peel Commission, for example. But the idea that the 'Palestinians' (a name that then was used for the Jews!) or the Arab world were not consulted or notified of Resolution 181 is comical. And the way he glosses over how Israel became a member of the United Nations (no, it wasn't because of Resolution 181) is a total lie. Here's what really happened.
We've all heard the famous tape of the roll being called at the UN with the US and the Russians both voting yes while the Jew-hating Brits (not my British readers - the British government) vote no. Isn't that what gave the UN stamp of approval to the Jewish state?

No, it's not. And if you look below Marzouk's bunch of lies, you'll find a piece by John Bolton (at the same URL) that decimates the General Assembly argument.
Some, however, argue that there is precedent, citing General Assembly Resolution 181 of 1947, which endorsed a plan to partition the former British League of Nations mandate into Jewish and Arab states, and a "special international regime" for Jerusalem. They should read what the resolution actually says. Like all assembly resolutions, it is not legally binding. It simply "recommends" the partition plan in question, and "requests that the Security Council take the necessary measures" to implement it. The council never adopted the plan. Although the Jewish leadership accepted it, the Arabs did not, and a multi-front Arab assault followed. End of precedent.
On March 4, 1949, the Security Council adopted Resolution 69, recommending that Israel be admitted to the United Nations, by a vote of 9-1 (Egypt) with 1 abstention (the Brits). And on May 11, 1949, the General Assembly adopted Resolution 273(III), voting 37-12 with 9 abstentions to accept the Security Council recommendation and admit Israel as a member.

Yes, Israel was admitted to the UN just like everyone else, and not the way the 'Palestinians' are proposing to be admitted.
Halimeh is telling a lie in a bid to rewrite the manner in which nations are admitted to the United Nations. This sort of revisionist history needs to be stopped at every turn.

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At 10:01 AM, Blogger Russel Harris said...

With the South African government and media openly supporting the PA these kinds of articles will always be placed prominently in the local press serving to present Israel in the worst light possible.


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