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Monday, July 18, 2011

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood denies meetnig with US

Poor Barack Hussein Obama can't even get the Muslim Brotherhood to admit to having met with him.
Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood on Thursday denied reports that its leader met with a US official in Turkey.

The Islamist movement denied reports in local media outlets that it's leader, Hammam Saeed, met with an official in the American administration, stressing in a press statement that the report is "false and fabricated."

The Muslim Brotherhood called on media outlets to abide by professionalism and objectivity in reporting, and considered the report as "part of a coordinated campaign against the Islamist movement to tarnish its image."

The movement stressed that it reserves the right to file legal measures against journalists who fabricate and report false information about the Muslim Brotherhood.
Maybe that's why Obama let the Dalai Lama in the front door this time - at least the Dalai Lama agreed to meet with him.

What could go wrong?

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