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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Flotilla' of 'Palestinian refugees' to 'return' to Israel?

The latest 'Palestinian' gambit is to send a flotilla of boats or an airplane filled with 'Palestinian refugees' who live in the United States or Europe, and to dare Israel to refuse to admit them.
A controversial plan has been set by 9 European groups, 1 in Canada and 2 in the US to send Passenger boats boarded by huge number of Palestinian Refugees to their homes in occupied Palestine known as “Israel”

Well-informed sources told the Palestine Telegraph that a fund has been allocated for the purpose of the activity. The sources refused to release their identities in order not to damage the plans. They pledge that they will go to public soon and introduce themselves and their ideas. The groups are already active in their positions.

Activists will name the Flotilla as, “Ship your luggage, Return to Palestine”.

About the mechanism of the event, organizers refused to release extra information as it will only benefit Israel to bring the plans down. The organizers said that they are considering hiring a private passenger jet which accommodates scores of Palestinian Refugees.

The boats will carry Palestinian Refugees of dual citizenships from Europe, US and Middle East. Boats or airplanes will carry a combination of those refugees with European activists, MPs, journalists and activists.

The unique aim of the plan is the direction. The ultimate direction is not Gaza and not breaking the siege as in every time. However, it will be Israeli sea ports of Haifa and Ashkelon.

Activist, A. D added that the refugees will implement the Right of Return as stated through International law.


According to organizers the local committees has been initiated in Lebanon and Syria. The number of Refugee passengers is estimated of 20 thousands distributed in passenger boats.

Palestine Telegraph asked A.D about the country which will allow them to sail after what happened in Flotilla 2. No more details were given but it will be from 2 countries on the Mediterranean Sea and maybe the red sea as the governments there have agreed.
The boats won't be allowed to land in Israel. The plane sounds like the ridiculous plan from a couple of months ago to send a plane to Gaza and to dare Israel to shoot it down. No country admits people who don't come on a round trip ticket unless they have applied for and received permission to immigrate (well, except that the US under Obama allows all the Mexicans who want to come to the US to stay in the US). I would not bet on which country wants to commit an act of war against Israel by allowing that plane to take off.

But look at the silver lining: The 'Palestinians' intentions will be crystal clear to all who are willing to see. This isn't about 'occupation.' It's about destroying the Jewish state (God forbid).

What could go wrong?

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At 9:57 AM, Blogger Eliana said...

They couldn't get 1500 people to make it to Gaza with the recent Flotilla but they think they can get 20,000 people into Israel at the same time?

These peace activist anti-Jews are delusional beyond belief. They sit in rooms and plot the most ridiculous little schemes.

If they're supposedly doing this to help with "Palestinian" independence, then why does their entire plan consist of getting new Arab citizens into Israel? The press should ask this question (and ask it often).

These people are terrible.

At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dual-citizens? Really? I think not.

This is an opportunity to point to the way in which Palestinian refugee status exists despite resettlement and is transmitted through the generations. Unlike refugee status for any other group of people alive.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

It won't get very far. Besides state sovereignty, the Palestinians would have to cross numerous hurdles to pull it off.

It won't be any more successful than the flotilla/flytilla stunts were.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Unbeliever said...

So they'd go to Haifa, Lod, Ramle etc and set up camps while they demand what? Citizenship? Maybe someone should show them the cost of living in Israel. That will scare them back into their holes.


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