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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Erdogan gets all choked up about 'Palestine'

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan got all choked up on Saturday when he spoke at the 'Palestinian ambassadors' conference in Istanbul.
Erdogan improvised very influential and enthusiastic statements for Palestine. He carefully selected his impressive words, and yet none of them bothered to clap their hands and applaud his words even when he said, "I want to kiss the tearful eyes of Palestinian women."
But the 'Palestinian ambassadors' didn't give Erdogan much response. They sat in silence.
A colleague from Al-Ayyam newspaper Abdul-Raoof Arnaoot and I started to whisper, "Why didn’t they clap their hands for the Turkish leaders? Why did the ambassadors remain silent despite the fact that they have simultaneous interpretations? Why didn't they applaud him when he said 'Jerusalem is a red line'?"

Despite the fact that most of the ambassadors are from the Gaza Strip, none took the trouble to stand up and clap their hands when Erdogan said, "We won’t forgive Israel as long as the Gaza Strip is besieged."

None of the Palestinian ambassadors remembered Jubran Khalil Jubran's words that "Love which is not created everyday will die every day."

Erdogan’s improvised speech was authentic and deserved applause. It reflected truthful friendship, loyalty and even brotherhood. It was much more noble-minded than US President Barack Obama’s speech before the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Obama’s speech was hypocritical and the applause of his audience was hypocritical too.

Meanwhile, Erdogan's speech reflected justice, honesty and pure truth.
You call these people 'diplomats'? Heh.

And by the way, do you think Israel can really kiss and make up with Erdogan after this?

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