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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bomb blamed on PKK was assassination attempt against Israeli diplomat

A bicycle bomb that wounded eight people in Istanbul in May of this year, which was blamed on the PKK, may actually have been an attempt by Hezbullah to assassinate Israel's Consul General to Istanbul (Hat Tip: Joshua I).
Citing a Washington-sourced report, the Italian daily [Corriere della Sera] reported that Hezbollah was targeting Israeli Consul General to Istanbul Moshe Kamhi in retaliation for Mossad’s alleged assassination of Iranian nuclear physicist Masoud Ali Muhammedi in Tehran in 2010.

Corriere della Sera reported that Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, or MİT, appeared to be tracing the bombing back to the PKK before reportedly realizing that Hezbollah, acting on behalf of Iran, allegedly perpetrated the attack.

The daily alleged that three members of Hezbollah arrived in Istanbul from Beirut to stage the attack and that assassins observed the route Kamhi took from his residence to the Israeli consulate every day before choosing to detonate the bomb in Etiler.

On the day of the attack, however, Kamhi's vehicle was driving slower than normal and was unaffected by the blast, the report said.

Intelligence sources in Ankara, however, have denied Corriere della Sera’s report. "Israel carries out similar disinformation campaigns through newspapers from time to time," one source said.

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