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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

At war with the US and bragging about it

Sorry for the much longer than expected break today. I'm juggling a couple of work assignments with trying to buy a car to replace our dearly departed 1996 Mistsubishi L-300 and today took its toll. Tomorrow will be a better day....

Hezbullah has been bragging that it is at war with the United States. And the Obama administration has been ignoring them.
So here are no less than three senior American officials—one of whom, Petraeus, has just become head of the CIA—saying that Hizballah (my preferred transliteration) has been at war with the United States, killing and wounding Americans. Information to that effect also comes from Hizballah itself, as noted above and in this clip from the official Hizballah television station detailing three specific attacks on U.S. forces.

Why is this significant? Because it is a clear demonstration of the fact that Syria and Iran—about which there is a lot of additional information—and their client Hizballah are at war with the United States by any definition of the word. Yet the Obama Administration neither factors that into its policy nor explains this to the American public. On the contrary, to this day the Obama Administration is the world’s biggest defender of the Syrian dictatorship that is killing Americans despite this government’s 2.5 year effort to persuade that regime through being nice to change its behavior.

If Hizballah is at war with America—and one can add previous Hizballah attacks such as that on the Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 242 Americans—then a Hizballah-dominated government in Lebanon is a direct threat to U.S. lives and interests. And if this is so, the fact that the international commission has just found both Syria and Hizballah to have been involved in the murder of Lebanese leaders shouldn’t just be a matter of verbal concern but of a real attempt to inflict serious damage on these enemies.

This would also suggest that America’s number-one security problem is not al-Qaida but the alliance of Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hizballah, and the Iraqi insurgents, supported by the Turkish regime.

Incidentally, the Muslim Brotherhood, though not directly involved in the fighting, has constantly supported the Sunni insurgents in Iraq and cheered the deaths of Americans there. Yet this, too, is not made clear to the American people nor has it affected the U.S. government decision to open official contacts with the Brotherhood. We are constantly told that the Brotherhood has moderated and even that it opposes violence.

And how did the Brotherhood respond to this initiative? It did so by conditioning a dialogue on a change of U.S. policy to oppose Israel.
Read the whole thing.

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