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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Abu Bluff wants to take away US veto over Quartet decisions, will Obama agree?

So is this Abu Mazen and Abu Obama's end game (Hat Tip: Atlas Shrugs)?
Abbas said in an interview to Voice of Palestine radio that the Quartet should adopt clear terms of reference for the negotiations, adding that "it is not right that three members agree on everything then the US comes and vetoes them."

Abbas said that he was still in favor of negotiations but that he was also determined to seek UN recognition of a Palestinian state in September, despite U.S. objections.
So is this Obama's end game? Obama agrees to give up the US veto over Quartet decisions, and then the Quartet tries to ram down Israel's throat what Obama cannot due to US domestic political considerations?

Or will Obama just wait until 2013 and do it himself?

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At 3:15 AM, Blogger valthunder said...

why, i really cannot understand WHY is so difficult for israel to make the easiest decision ever!

Why, why you would like to continue to be member of an organization where your declared enemy is the vice president?
why do you insist to stay in a place where the only topic is: "how are we going to condemn israel?"

Only good things will come out from quitting the U.N.

You can tell everybody: "GO F..K yourself."
you don't have to wait for the approval of anyone to do what is best for you.

it's the best decision Israel could do right now!

At 6:34 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Abu Bluff now needs help in trying to climb down from the UN Palestinian statehood bid tree.

You wonder why he climbed it in the first place. And no - the Quartet won't rescue him from his own self-inflicted folly!

What could go wrong indeed


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