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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will the Jews buy it?

In an earlier post, I gave you my assessment of what President Barack Hussein Obama had to say on Monday night to the stupid Jews who still support him. But I was looking at the substance of his words. A separate question was whether the Jewish donors who were present bought into it. Obviously, given that they paid at least $25,000 a plate to be there, they bought into it at least somewhat. Will they donate more? Here are three assessments.

The Wall Street Journal describes the evening as an attempt to reassure Jewish supporters. But it noted that he warned of 'tactical disagreements' between the US and Israel.
“And there are going to be moments over the course of the next six months or the next 12 months or the next 24 months in which there may be tactical disagreements in terms of how we approach these difficult problems,” Mr. Obama said. ”But the broader vision, which is one in which Israel is a secure Jewish state, is able to live in peace with its neighbors … where the hopes and dreams of the original travelers to Israel, the original settlers in Israel, that those hopes and dreams that date back a millennium, that those hopes are realized. That will remain our North Star. That will remain our goal.”
Mr. Obama said that despite the challenges in the Middle East, Israel will
“always be at the top tier of considerations in terms of how America manages its foreign policy.”
I find it curious that the furthest date Obama gave is 24 months, which would be five months past - God forbid - a second Obama inauguration. What does he think will happen after that?

Reuters adds:
The president said that Israel and the United States were united on a broader vision for a secure Jewish state able to live in peace with its neighbors "where kids can get on the bus or go to bed at night and not have to worry about missiles landing on them."
Was that a reference to kids in the Jewish state or kids among the neighbors? Curiously, Reuters also acknowledges that Obama 'ignited the latest row with Netanyahu.' I wonder if these wealthy Jews see it that way.

Another Reuters account makes it clear that the wealthy Jews are buying in.
"The most important message I have for all of you here tonight is that, even as we try to manage what is going to be a very difficult and challenging situation over the next 12 months, the next 24 months, the next decade, that one inviolable principle will be that the United States and Israel will always be stalwart allies and friends," Obama said to applause.

Although some conservatives have been attacking Obama's policies toward Israel, members of the audience greeted Obama with applause. They had paid $25,000 to $35,800 each to attend what a Democratic National Committee official said was a sold-out event.

"That bond isn't breakable and ... Israel's security will always be at the top tier of considerations in terms of how America manages its foreign policy," Obama said. "... Israel is our closest ally and friend. It is a robust democracy. It shares our values and it shares our principles."

Obama spoke for about seven minutes before beginning what he said he expected to be a "substantive" question and answer session with the group. Reporters were ushered from the hotel meeting room before the questioning began.
I would love to be a fly on the wall there, although it doesn't sound likely that Obama was significantly challenged. After all, it was a sold-out event.

Omri Ceren has some reactions from the attendees.
Marilyn Victor, a supporter at the fundraiser, characterized the attitude of Jewish donors thusly: “We support you, but we’re a little insecure, so make us secure.” “We were very reassured,” said Randi Levine, who attended with her husband, Jeffrey, a real estate developer in New York City.
Omri believes that Obama is setting out to weaken Israel and to drive a wedge between the US and Israel. Read the whole thing. What could go wrong?

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At 7:15 PM, Blogger SabaShimon said...

Personally, when I see a group such as this of wealthy Obama-supporting Jews, all I see is a target rich environment..
These self hating, cowardly "Tikun Olam" Jews must be purged if we are to survive (and that most definitely includes the smolanim amongst us in Israel).

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, they have their own song:

"Tikun Olam, it's such a crock,
but our trendy values are all farkakte.
They're empty as old lemon rinds,
We get our religion from the New York Ti-i-imes..."


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