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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A very clever but fake video

Please have a look at this very clever but fake video.

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Lisa Graas).

First, let me make clear what the makers of this video have done. They have taken the music from the Jerusalem Post's English updates (and possibly have gotten the announcers to play along), they have spliced in Prime Minister Netanyahu's words - some from his speech in Congress, some from his 2009 Bar Ilan speech, and some from other speeches - and they have the Prime Minister making peace. Many of the words are taken out of context, but there are two key points to remember here.

1. Netanyahu has offered peace to the 'Palestinians' and the 'Palestinians' have not accepted it. If you put together Netanyahu's words over the last three years that's the bottom line. In fact, not only have the 'Palestinians' not accepted it, they have not even agreed to come to the table and negotiate.

2. They have totally left the 'Palestinian' side alone. They have Netanyahu accepting a 'Palestinian state,' but there's no word on whether Abu Bluff will accept a Jewish state (he won't and it would be irrelevant if he did, because the overwhelming majority of 'Palestinians' do not and will not).

They have very cleverly tried to put the ball solely in Israel's court when the reality is that it ought to be in the 'Palestinians' court.

By the way, when he talks about the '1967 lines,' in the Hebrew subtitles it says "1967 lines with adjustments." That's because they know that the '1967 lines' are anathema to nearly all Israeli Jews. By raising the '1967 lines,' President Obama did the same thing he did by calling for a building freeze in Jerusalem: He managed to turn the entire Israeli consensus against him.

When will he ever learn? (Answer: He won't because he doesn't want to learn).

One other thing: This is the only video ever posted to this YouTube account. Do any of you want to bet to whom it belongs? I would bet on someone at J Street.

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