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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nice try but this will never happen

Here's an interesting idea about how to set the Israeli-'Palestinian' dispute on its way to resolution (Hat Tip: Daily Alert).
Despite the many compromises Israel was willing to make, incitement of the Jewish State on the part of the Palestinians continued to grow, sometimes even correlatively. The lesson then is that Israel needs to go back to square one. While still being based in equality and reciprocity, a new set of principles must be formulated for future negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The first recommendation is to desist from the current view which cuts the Palestinian people into six slices: Palestinians in Israel are called Israelis; those in Jordan are Jordanians; Palestinians in Gaza are known as Gazans; those in the West Bank are Palestinian Authority “subjects;” Palestinians in refugee camp are known as refugees; and finally, Palestinians dispersed in various Arab and Western countries are Diaspora Palestinians.

Palestinians should not only be considered as one people which cries for a solution, but the Land of Palestine, (or the Land of Israel in Biblical parlance) including the State of Israel, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza, should all be considered one unit of territory upon which the statehood aspirations of both peoples must be played out.
This will never happen. The little spoiled brat who calls himself the 'king' of 'Jordan' will never admit any responsibility for the 70% of his population that is 'Palestinian.' And we continue to let him get away with it.

Okay, there are other problems with this plan too, but this is the one with which we can have some fun. Read the whole thing.

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