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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Liveblog - Interview with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

There are 120,000 Wikipedia entries in Hebrew.

This year's World Wikipedia conference is in Haifa August 4-6 and they have registrants from 48 countries already.

A young lady from Jewlicious asks whether we've entered a new age of altruism. He says that it's just a matter of people doing things they enjoy.

Another Jewlicious blogger (a guy) asks how authoritative Wikipedia is. He says that on big subjects the information is fairly accurate, but on smaller more contentious subjects this is less so. Wales says that on the overall question of how people regard Wikipedia, it has substantially increased over the years as has the quality. He says that they try to warn people where something is disputed or unsupported. But the questioner is correct.

Someone asks about Arabic entries they had translated into English which deny Jewish connection to Israel. It doesn't sound like there's much they can do about it. But they're trying.

I'm going to have to stop this one - the battery is running out. I will recharge and post more from here later (I also have some things queued so don't go away).

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