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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Group files complaint charging Army Radio with aiding the enemy

Some of you may find this hard to believe but Army Radio is probably even more leftist than the regular station run by the Israel Broadcast Authority. I kid you not. According to an anonymous source of mine, it is almost impossible for anyone with Right wing views - particularly revenants - to be placed on Army Radio for their army service. And if revenants are placed on Army Radio, Army Radio does all it can to keep them off the air and to keep their views off the air. Really. So this complaint comes as no surprise to me.
The Yisrael Sheli movement has filed a formal complaint with police against Army Radio, claiming that the station has been providing aid and comfort to Israel's enemies during wartime. The complaint stems from interviews Army Radio has granted with Fatah and Hamas terrorists.

In a statement, the group said that “while hundreds of fighters and officers spread petitions on the internet against Army Radio, and Israeli artists complain that they are banned from the station, the station is getting clear support from a group that over and over again gets plenty of air time – terrorists and Arabs who oppose the state's existence.”
Of course, the odds of Israel's Leftist prosecutors taking this case or its Leftist court system finding against Army Radio are slim to none. But after listening to the mantra repeated so many times over the last few days that 70% of Israelis want a 'Palestinian state,' it's good to see that there are some Israelis who still aren't afraid to say what they really think.



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