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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Flotilla passengers to shop in new Gaza mall

Melanie Phillips points out yet another aspect of the absurdity of a flotilla bringing 'humanitarian relief' to Gaza.
Two things are due to happen in Gaza in June.

The first is that a second shopping mall is due to open. According to Khaled abu Toameh, this will house a huge supermarket, clothes and gift shops, a large restaurant, a modern coffee shop, a cinema and entertainment sites for children. This complements the first mall that opened last year, as well as the gourmet restaurants that are already turning Gaza into a magnet for the discerning Arab foodie.

The second thing that is planned to happen is the arrival of another huge flotilla carrying ‘humanitarian supplies’ to relieve the, er, starvation and destitution in Gaza. Last time, the ‘humanitarian’ medical supplies on board the flotilla were revealed to be well past their use-by date. This time round, maybe the organisers want instead to establish a rival shopping experience – bringing in on their boats products under the 'TerrorTrade' designer label, perhaps, or 'Jihadi Chic'? -- to compete with the two mega-malls.

Absurd? Of course. But the point of this exercise is not to relieve want. It is merely to stage a propaganda stunt that makes Israel look bad in the eyes of a credulous and malevolent world.
No one could be so willfully blind to reality unless God made them so.

Read the whole thing.

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