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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Shaath: Stop asking Hamas to recognize Israel

Well, this will do wonders for 'peace' in the Middle East.

Fatah 'negotiator' Nabil Shaath says that we have to stop asking Hamas to recognize Israel.
Hamas should not be asked to recognize Israel, Senior Fatah Central Committee member and PA negotiator Nabil Shaath said in an interview with Israel Radio Wednesday.

Russia, and "many others agree with us that the old rules of the quartet were not logical, and are not workable," Shaath said. "They have no place" in the current formula anymore, he added, "Stop asking Hamas."

To make his point, the Fatah official asked whether Israel would be ready to recognize Hamas.
Recognize Hamas as what? A terror organization?

Wait, it gets better. Here's being 'reasonable,' Hamas style:
Also speaking with Israel Radio, Hamas Deputy Foreign Minister in Gaza Razi Hamed said that Hamas wants peace, but that "the occupation is the root of all [the Palestinians'] problems." He added that Hamas is willing to accept a Palestinian state within pre-1967 lines with Jerusalem as its capital.

However, he said, in order for peace to take place, Palestinian refugees must be allowed to "return to their homes" in Israel.
What could go wrong?

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At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since Hamas and Fatah now mirror each other's open abandonment of a two-state solution in preference for a one-state-now, one-state-later solution, israel can reject the demands of Fatahamistan's two factions at once. Unfortunately, the Euyropean heirs to Chamberlain and Laval continue to insist that Israel conduct "meaningful negotiations" with the Mufti's grandchildren for whom negotiations translate to unilateral up front Israeli concessions--or else they will shorten the piece by piece process and support unilateral recognition.


Bibi, or the Israeli politician who replaces him should a Likud coalition replace the undoubtedly well-intentioned establishment center coalition actually in place, might privately inform the EU mucky mucks how unilateral transfer works.


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