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Monday, May 30, 2011

Scottish Council: We didn't ban Israeli books, only books printed in Israel

Last week, I reported on a group of Scottish local councils who banned Israeli books. You won't believe the excuse these blokes have invented. They're claiming that they didn't ban Israeli books, only books printed in Israel.
West Dunbartonshire Council utterly refutes recent media claims that it has ‘launched a boycott on Israeli books’.

The Council’s boycott does not in any way seek to censor or silence authors and commentators from Israel.

The Council’s boycott only relates to goods ‘made or grown’ in Israel. The vast majority of mainstream books by Israeli authors are published in the UK and are therefore not affected by this boycott. Only books that were printed in Israel and transported to the UK for distribution would be potentially boycotted.

In the two and a half years the boycott has been in place there has never been a case when the library service has been unable to purchase a book it wished to as a result of this boycott.

Contrary also to some media reports the boycott is not retrospective and absolutely no books have been or will be removed from our library shelves as a consequence of the motion.

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At 8:46 AM, Blogger Robertcw72 said...

They are not morons, they are cowards why dont they boycott anything that is made from an Israeli or a Jew. Oh but that would be too much of an impact to them.


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