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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saudi Arabia forms alliance of 'moderate' Muslim countries

Barry Rubin reports that Saudi Arabia, which is fed up with the Obama administration, has formed an alliance of 'moderate' Muslim countries.
Obama wants Middle East Muslims to love America. There are only two problems:

1. His policy doesn't work. They don't love America.

2. The Muslims he keeps appealing to are those who are radical and pro-terrorist. For those who are Muslims but don't want to overthrow their neighbors, go to war with Israel as soon as possible, throw out U.S. influence, and transform their countries into something like Iran and Taliban Afghanistan, Obama is a problem.

So the Saudis are doing what I've been telling the Obama Administration to do for 2.5 years: Form an alliance opposing revolutionary Islamism. Of course, the Saudis won't include Israel (at least publicly) and they won't get Europe, but at the moment they're all we've got.

This was completely predictable. Some weeks ago, Nawaf Obeid, who speaks for the Saudi government, in an informal and deniable way, of course, wrote an important op-ed piece saying that the Saudis were fed up with the Obama Administration. So he voices the Saudis' anger and disappointment with a U.S. government that fails to fight against revolutionary Islamism and protect the Saudis from Iran.
Now, if they'd stop funding the madrassahs that are spreading radical Islamism and ease up on Israel, we could really be in good shape.

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At 3:50 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Saudi form of Islamism is moderate by Middle Eastern standards.

They're not going to become a Western-style democracy any time soon. But for them the change in the Middle East is the wrong one.

They like things the way they used to be. Wouldn't you?

What could go wrong indeed

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

too simplistic, Rubin misreads..or maybe sees what he wants to see

UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring

military personnel run courses for snipers
Human rights groups furious over Riyadh link


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