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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pro-'Palestinian' students whine to the media at UCSD

At last year's 'Palestine week' at the University of California San Diego, a Muslim student admitted in a public forum that she wanted to see all the Jews in Israel wiped out. This year, there are counter-demonstrations against the 'Palestinian' hatefest by pro-Israel groups. And the pro-'Palestinians' are whining to the media (Hat Tip: Sunlight).
The students’ complaints segued from the firing of Baiz-Torres to the administration’s handling of the annual Justice for Palestine Week on campus and then veered back and forth between the two issues.

Eyad Nasla, a member of the Muslim Student Association, which sponsors the event, said the university should have responded to pro-Israel faculty members who took out an ad in a campus newspaper calling the event a “hate-fest” and suggesting the student groups that support it favor the destruction of Israel.

Nasla said it was inappropriate for faculty members to be “attacking student groups on campus.”

He also said pro-Palestinian students have been subject to “hate emails” and “racist remarks” and confrontations in front of their display on Library Walk.

“We would have appreciated more support from this administration,” he said.

Penny Rue, vice chancellor of student affairs, and other administrators said they had deployed a number of university employees, including uniformed police officers, to ensure there would not be problems around the event.

Rue told Nasla that administrators are on “a tightrope” balancing free speech concerns among student groups on contentious issues like the Middle East.

No one representing Tritons for Israel, which staged a counter display on Library Walk this week, spoke at the meeting.

Lior Abramson, president of the pro-Israel student group, was manning its display near the room where the committee was meeting.

She said that in the past, Jewish and pro-Israel students have felt threatened during Justice for Palestine Week.

The decision this year to mount a counter-display help combat those feelings, she said.

“When you see something like this, you feel a lot more welcome, students working to make our community feel safe.”
It's high time that more pro-Israel campus activists took similar actions.

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At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understood her admission to be that she wanted to see all the Jews in THE WORLD wiped out.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Prof Miao - Right. Jews gather in Israel for convenient deletion, so they don't have to be chased around the world.

I can't remember whether this follow up publication from Prof. Feifel at UCSD has been posted here... Finally, the hard science/med people speaking up. UK universities, take notes. UK science/med faculties, in their silence, currently look conniving, covetous, envious, trying to derail Israel's technology progress. Disgusting.

A Response to “An Open Appeal to Chancellor Fox and the UCSD Community”


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