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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Overnight music video

This video comes with a story, which is in Hebrew. The person who posted the video (not a native English speaker) posted a brief translation of the story which is below:
The story is about a student in Baltimore who was visiting a nursing home, and prayed with the elders. One day I said in one of the rooms there is an old man very hard to persuade them to put the tefillin and pray. This student went to the room, touch the door and the old man received.After greetings, the student asked:

"A to be its refusal to use tefillin. The old man looked at him and says "Honey, I boy was in the concentration camps and I remember that in our field was just the tefillin of the head and everyone took turns using it"

I grew up and slowly approached my Bar Mitzvah, my father then had an idea, he knew that in the other camp was a complete pair of tefillin, that is, arm and head.

Then my father went in search of the tefillin, and I remember that I was waiting by the window to see anything happen, until suddenly I see him coming with the tefillin in hand, and when I was about to enter the room where we were, a Nazi (Imaj shemo), shot him in front of me.

And after the story, the old man told the student and tell me how you want me to put the tefillin after what I witnessed.

Time passed and the student went back to the asylum and saw an old man lacked had Yortzai and one for Minian.

And of course was where the old man who had had a conversation, and asked him please to go to complete the Minian, since it is not next year if this person is going to stay alive .....
The song is Av HaRachahmim (Merciful Father) and it is sung by Mordechai Ben David.

Let's go to the videotape.

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