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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Israel Fund cuts off BDS leader

I'm sure many of you recall the Coalition of Women for Peace, which was in the news in Israel a couple of weeks ago in connection with the Jerusalem - Tel Aviv railway. And I'm sure you'll recall that NGO Monitor pointed out that CWP was funded by the New Israel Fund, which claimed that it didn't fund BDS'ers and that the New Israel Fund claimed that NGO Monitor was lying. Well, guess what: NIF has been exposed as the liar.
Now, NGO Monitor's research has been confirmed by an unlikely source - CWP. In an open letter to NIF (March [Should be May. CiJ] 23, 2011), CWP wrote, "we have been informed of the NIF decision to stop acting as fiscal sponsor for the Coalition of Women for Peace...the last donation via NIF entered our bank account on May 16, 2011." This directly contradicts NIF claims that funding for CWP ended in 2008 (or 2009, according to other NIF officials).

While NIF should apologize for its behavior, NGO Monitor welcomes the end of funding for CWP, and urges NIF to end its relationship with other NGOs engaged in delegitimization. This will help counteract NIF's previous support, which provided a "seal of approval" that allowed CWP and others to obtain funding from European governments. Furthermore, we are prepared to meet with NIF officials to share our research in a manner that helps NIF meet its funding guidelines and principles.

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