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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Israelis urged to fly the flag

Israelis have been urged to fly the flag on Sunday in response to the 'Palestinian' observance of 'Naqba Day' (Hat Tip: David H).
Intefatigable Shomron Mayor Gershon Mesika is calling on Israeli citizens to fly Israeli flags on their vehicles and homes, as well as post pictures of the Israeli on their Facebook accounts this coming Sunday.


Mesika’s letter reads as follows:

This Sunday, we will all raise with pride the flag of Israel.

'Nakba Day' is translated into Hebrew as Yom Hashoah [Holocaust Remembrance Day –ed.]. This is how the ‘Palestinian’ Authority leadership has chosen to refer to the establishment of Israel. Indeed, it is not surprising, since at the head of that terror authority is Holocaust denier Abu-Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas –ed.].

This year the Authority is trying to intensify the events of that day, as a propaganda step on the way to their one-side declaration of a state in September.

The hysteria which the PA and its PR people from the far left are trying to inflict on the citizens of Israel is nothing but a balloon filled with hot air.

They too know very well that according to international law, only whoever is controlling an area can establish a state, and to our delight Israel is the one controlling it. Those PR people who are trying to frighten the public in Israel remember well that the UN already voted in 1988 in favour of the establishment of a ‘Palestinian’ state (by a majority of 104 against 2) and Arafat even officially declared it. All this had no meaning since Israel controls most of Judea and Samaria, the cradle of the Jewish people, and protects the whole country from there. (editor's note: the high ground of Judea and Samaria overlooks the entire coast of Israel, its most populated urban area, which, if in other hands, would make this part of Israel vulnerable to primitive rockets).

On Sunday, we will all raise the Israeli flag everywhere: on cars, on our homes and on our Facebook accounts.

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens in cities across the country will raise the flag along with us.

We will raise the flag proudly, and say to the world: Am Yisrael Chai [the people of Israel live].”

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