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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IDF investigation: 'PA police' including 'former' terrorist shot 44 bullets at unarmed Israelis

An IDF investigation has concluded that 'Palestinian police' shot 44 bullets at mostly unarmed Israeli civilians in the April 24 incident in which Ben Yosef Livnat was murdered. The investigation has also concluded that at least one of the 'Palestinian police' was a terrorist who had been released from an Israeli jail.
A probe by the Judea and Samaria division of the IDF stated the attack at Joseph's Tomb was unwarranted, and the report did not rule out the possibility that it may have been a terrorist attack, Voice of Israel government radio reported. The soldiers shot with the intention to kill, according to the IDF.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and police are conducting a further investigation to determine whether the shooting and murder were pre-meditated.

Israel National News reported last week that an internal Palestinian Authority probe contradicted initial claims that the PA soldiers shot at the worshippers because they allegedly broke through a PA checkpoint on their way home from the holy site.

The IDF report confirmed that the PA troops shot 44 bullets without any provocation and that there was no danger to their lives. Most, if not all, of the Jews were unarmed, contrary to claims disseminated by Palestinian Authority media.

At least two of the PA soldiers, commonly called “police” by mainstream media, were trained by American officers at an American-funded training base in Jordan.

The IDF report concluded the attack is a ”warning” of what may await Jews this summer and also serves as a caution sign concerning further cooperation with the PA security forces.
What could go wrong?

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At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tzvi Ben Gedalyhu's 5/11 Arutz Sheva story does not entirely jibe with his earlier report (based on the Israel Defense website) on what the Palestinians are prepared to admit in their internal investigation--according to his 5/8 story they are not admitting they deliberately shot at people they recognized--his earlier report also doesn't cite the IDF report or Shin Bet investigation.

On 5/8 he has the Pali's claiming that Palestinian security personnel were asleep at the checkpoint, woken up by the Breslov worshippers returning from Joseph's Tomb, didn't recognize the vehicles, and emptied their ammunition into it.


"The report states that they woke up from a slumber, saw vehicles they did not recognize, and started shooting wildly at close range without asking superiors for permission to fire.

The shooting woke up the two officers in the jeep, and one of them also fired without knowing who he was shooting at, but he did not hit anyone. The other officer did not fire because he was guarding without a weapon, in violation of standard procedures. The worshippers later said that the PA forces knew them because they frequently prayed at Jospeph's Tomb."

His 5/11 report adds the IDF investigating the terrorist angle and its warning , sourced through a reported Voice of Israel broadcast. Could be but running down that broadcast would be helpful.


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