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Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess who was behind the 'Naqba day' demonstrations in Judea and Samaria

I'm sure you'll all be shocked to hear who was behind the 'Naqba day' demonstrations in Judea and Samaria on Sunday. But of course: Israel's 'peace partner.'
Last week, Haaretz reported that Ramallah was plastered with posters urging residents to take part in Sunday’s Nakba Day demonstrations. The posters bore the text of a mock letter from a Palestinian refugee to the city of Haifa, which is in pre-1967 Israel. “My beloved Haifa, I’ll be with you soon,” it read. The posters were signed by the PLO’s refugee department.

The PLO is Israel’s official peace partner. All Israeli-Palestinian agreements have been signed with the PLO, not the Palestinian Authority. Indeed, Abbas has stressed this point recently in an effort to persuade the world that his agreement to form a unity government with Hamas doesn’t preclude negotiations. It’s no problem, he asserted, because the unity government will only run the PA, while talks with Israel are conducted by the PLO (which he also heads).

But it turns out that 18 years after the Oslo Accord was signed, Israel’s “peace partner” is still telling its people that the “two-state solution” will consist not of a Palestinian state alongside a Jewish one, but of two Palestinian states: a state judenrein in the West Bank and Gaza alongside an “Israel” that has been transformed into a Palestinian-majority state by dint of an influx of several million descendants of refugees.
Did anyone ever believe it was otherwise? Read the whole thing.

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At 10:54 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

And the nice Jews give the peace partner money to slaughter them.

What could go wrong indeed


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