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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clinton: 'We don't know enough about Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas'

Barry Rubin cites two interviews with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in which she says that we 'don't know enough' about the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, respectively, to preclude interacting with them.
"QUESTION: Should we fear the Muslim Brotherhood?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I think we don’t know enough yet to understand exactly what they’re morphing into. And I’m – I mean, for me, the jury is out. There are some Islamist elements that are coming to the surface to Egypt that I think on just the face of it are --

QUESTION: Coming out of jails, in fact.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Coming out in jails, coming out of the shadows that are inimical to a democracy, to the kind of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscience that was the aspiration in Tahrir Square."

"We don't know enough...."

Really? Read any speech or interview by the leader and deputy leader of the Brotherhood, full of Jihadist rhetoric, genocidal rage against Jews, insistence on making Egypt an Islamist state, and loathing of America. What's morphing? It's just an illusion based on clever efforts to fool the dim-witted dhimmis.

Those people "coming out of jails"

They are openly holding joint meetings and demonstrations with the Muslim Brotherhood. The two are allied now. Even probable next president of Egypt Amr Moussa knows that. I know it, why doesn't she know it?

"The jury is out"
And then there's this:
But apparently the "jury is still out" on Hamas, too. What, we don't have enough information to evaluate that group? Perhaps it is "morphing?" The Obama Administration strongly criticized Israel for withholding the transfer of tax revenue tothe Palestinian Authority. Of course, that money is only due to be handed over according to the Oslo agreement, which the PA no longer observes and Hamas opposes completely.

American officials said the administration, is, “Waiting to see what this reconciliation agreement looks like in practical terms, before we make any decisions about future assistance.”

Memo to Obama Administration: A country doesn't just watch and wait as others trash its interests. It does something. When one of your clients, who you are ceaselessly helping and to which you are giving large amounts of money, joins forces with an openly genocidal terrorist organization allied with your worst enemies, how long do you have to wait to see what's going to happen?
What could go wrong?


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carl .

Muslim Brotherhood to Obama : "Go to Hell".Egyptian Government Rejects US Conditional aid.Yup sounds like they don't know 'enough' indeed!


At 6:30 PM, Blogger Eliana said...

Hillary Clinton and her boss want a peace deal regardless of the consequences. If Mahmoud Abbas signed a deal with Al Qaeda, Clinton would speak about how we don't know what Al Qaeda has morphed into since Bin Laden's death.

Obama and Hillary want a deal and it's all they want from Israel. They want bragging rights. Their "unshakeable" support for Israel is meaningless. They want what they want and they expect Israel to give it to them.

So Hillary will say whatever she needs to say to justify it.


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