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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cameron drinks the Kool Aid

On Monday, I reported that British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a patron of the Jewish National Fund. Melanie Phillips rips him for his decision.
The JNF thing (despite Downing Street's unconvincing claim that Cameron has stepped down from a number of charities through lack of time) is the latest act of aggression against Israel by HMG, and is particularly offensive. For the JNF is identified closely with the foundational Zionist dream of making the desert bloom, by buying up and developing the land for decades before the State of Israel was established. And so now– of course – it stands accused of the ‘theft of Palestinian land’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and even ‘war crimes’. Ah yes – that terrible weapon of mass destruction, the sapling.

Without getting into the imbecilic interstices of precisely what and where, one key, crucial, overarching, all-important, nothing-else-matters-as-much-as-this point needs to be made (and yes, I have made it before many times, but it needs to be taped to Cameron’s eyeballs and rammed down the throats of the malevolent mandarins of the Foreign Office and delivered by diplomatic cable to Israeli spokesman as their line–to-take in answer to any statement-disguised-as -a-question about their intrinsic belligerency routinely lobbed at them by the Guardian-of-the Airwaves, aka the BBC).

This is quite simply that the territory beyond the ceasefire lines (formed when Israel fought off the attempt by five Arab armies to destroy it at birth in 1948-9, and now falsely deemed to be Israel’s ‘border’) is not Palestinian land. It is not land that is owned by the Palestinians in general, or to which they have any general right or title. On the contrary, it is land to which the Jews in general are legally entitled. All of it. This is not some crazed, ultra-nationalist dogma. It is a matter of historical fact. international law and basic justice.
Read it all.

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At 1:58 PM, Blogger Juniper in the Desert said...

This is whom Cameron takes his orders from:


At 8:37 AM, Blogger acid_claus said...

"making the desert bloom"

I'm surprised that in 2011 that people are still repeating this. That's like saying George Washington chopped down a cherry tree or that your hair grows back thicker/darker when you shave it, etc.

Ask yourself this: Why is there a water crisis in Israel today? If the Zionist colonists had listened to their Arab neighbors who had lived there for at least 1,400 years and learned the secrets of using the water without using it up, then there would be no crisis.

Another question, how can somebody claim that land belongs to them because it belonged to their "ancestors" 2,000 years ago? How can you claim those are your ancestors either? Genetically, everybody on planet Earth is related to the population of 2,000 years ago around the holy land. Because the population was 2% of what it is today. You don't need a DNA test, you only need common rational sense. The only thing you have in common is a religion and even saying that isn't entirely true considering the modern iteration is much less dogmatic.

So can I go back to Germany because 2,000 years ago my tribal ancestors lived there? Do you no understand the ridiculousness of continuing to spout this nonsense? International law did not exist 2,000 years ago. And since when has Israel ever followed international law anyway?

The Arabs have lived there way longer and are no doubt the descendants of semitic people. The Jews of 2,000 years ago were Arab-esque. That's a fact. They didn't look like Ashkenazi Jews, that's for sure. Jewish Nationalism is a recent (historically speaking) concept from the 19th century. Before that it was just a religion. Regardless, none of this gives you the right to own land. The JNF is a terrorist organization and their activities support terrorism. Zionism is a terrorist movement. Heck, Israel is a pariah terrorist state, crazy and dangerous because of their nukes with the cult-like support of Zionists abroad most who are Evangelical Christians.


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