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Monday, May 09, 2011

Bin Laden's will: No Israel and very little Jews

Michael Yon has Osama Bin Laden's last will and testament. Those - mostly of the International Left - who have been trying to show that what really made Bin Laden angry was Israel's treatment of the 'Palestinians' will be disappointed to discover that we don't seem to interest Bin Laden much.

There is no mention of Israel, and only the following four mentions of Jews:
The Jews and Christians have tempted us with the pleasures of life and its cheap delights and they invaded us with their monitory values before invading us with their armies.


The [Koranic] verse has been reversed and we saw the cowardly Crusaders [Christians] and the lowly Jews become steadfast in their fighting with us and the soldiers of our Ummah raise the white flag and surrender to their enemies.


And the excuse of a Sheik and his companions was necessary to appease the Jews and Christians and their general opinion and they forgot Allah’s verse, “The Jews and the Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their faith”.


My final advice is to all the Mujahideen where ever they maybe: reconstitute yourselves and do not forget until fight the Jews and the Christians and attend to purifying your ranks of the agents, lazy and scholars of evil who collaborate against the Jihad and hold the Ummah back.
Note that each time Jews are mentioned, they are mentioned with the Christians. So much for Bin Laden being interested in Israel or the 'Palestinians.' Heh.

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