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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BBC attributes Arab invasion to 'Arab spring'

The BBC told its listeners that the invasion of Israel by Arabs from Syria and the attempted invasion from Lebanon were the result of 'Arab spring.' It did not even mention 'Naqba day.' In fact, it didn't even mention that there was a concerted effort on several borders with Israel to try to break through the borders.
But the ‘Arab Spring’ is a revolt by Arabs against their oppressive Arab rulers. Thus Bowen implanted in listeners’ minds the clear implication that the Arabs attacking Israeli sovereignty in furtherance of their aim of wiping Israel off the map altogether were instead protesting at the tyranny under which they were suffering. Indeed, casting doubt upon the suggestion that Iran had a hand in these events, Bowen stated
the Palestinians have many grievances of their own.
It follows therefore that the BBC believes that Israel’s very existence is a ‘Palestinian grievance’, and that Israel’s genocidal attackers are instead the victims of Israel.

Bowen referred to the Israelis killing
quite a lot of people: the biggest loss of life in south Lebanon since the 2006 war.
Well, the latest count is twelve fatalities – and Bowen made no mention at all of the IDF claim that some of these people had been shot by Lebanese soldiers.

With the exception of Syria, he also made no mention that these ‘concerted demonstrations’, as the Today presenter put it, were in fact a concerted attempt to storm Israel’s borders; they were presented instead as ‘protests’ on the borders. A casual and uninformed listener might well have got the impression therefore that Israel had fired upon crowds merely demonstrating for democracy within Lebanon and Gaza, with a bit of funny business on the Golan caused by President Assad playing ‘Arab Spring’-style politics.
You can listen to the BBC segment here. What ever happened to that report on the BBC's bias against Israel?

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At 3:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The BBC are useful idiots in the service of useless idiots. Palestinian Syrians choose the easy route of playing ball with whatever thug will sponsor their eternal resentment against Israel, or Jews, or life outside the technicolor Micky Mouse bathos unspooling between their two ears--but non-collaborationist Syrian Sunnis are having a harder time of it as the Palestinians' Alawite patron of the day ramps up the violence against non-Alawite unfortunates:

"...residents independently told the AP that shabiha gunmen killed a man named Adnan al-Kurdi along with his wife, five daughters and a son in their home — a harrowing story that could not be independently verified. None of those interviewed knew why the family was killed. But they said the killings motivated them to leave.

'We did not want to have our throats slit,' said Umm Rashid, who fled to Lebanon with her seven daughters by hopping on a truck that carried dozens on a short trip across the frontier."


If the Arab spring means anything other than the usual momentary transposition in Arab societies of whose foot is on whose neck, the Palestinians are not in the pro-democracy camp.

But then, as far as the Middle East goes, the BBC is not actually a news service either--more of a predigested pablum kitcheteria for lazy dogs looking for PC regurgitation other than their own to swallow whole.


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