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Thursday, April 28, 2011

University where young royal couple studied received funding from Syria

Britain's university system seems to be addicted to money from Arab dictatorships. First, it was the London School of Economics taking money from the Gadhafi family. Now, it's the University of St. Andrews - alma mater of Wills and Kate - taking money from the Assads of Syria.
The University of St Andrews, where Prince William and Kate Middleton studied, has received more than £100,000 in funding for its centre for Syrian studies with the assistance of Syria's ambassador to the UK, Sami Khiyami.

Following questions from the Guardian about its relations with figures associated with the regime – and "in view of significant international concerns about recent events in Syria" – a spokesman for St Andrews said the university would be reviewing the centre's work "to ensure its high academic standards are maintained".

The university's association with the Assad regime has come under scrutiny in the wake of the violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Syria which is estimated to have claimed 450 lives so far.
Khiyami is the guy whose invitation to the royal wedding was revoked.

Bir Zeit on the Hudson has nothing on these guys. Read the whole thing.

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