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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turkish Nazis celebrate Pesach by desecrating Jewish cemetery

Turkey's Nazis have celebrated the end of Pesach by desecrating a Jewish cemetery on the 8th day.
A Jewish cemetery located in Beyoglu, Istanbul, was desecrated Tuesday, by vandals who smashed several headstones to pieces.

According to the Turkish news website Stargazete, eight of the cemetery's gravestones were damaged, as well as some parts of the cemetery's periphery.

According to the report, local police forces were called to the graveyard in the morning hours, once the damage was discovered. The investigation includes gathering tapes from several security cameras stationed in the area. The Police hope the footage will provide them with leads as to any suspects.

Passover is still being celebrated in Beyoglu, so members of the Jewish community could not be reached for comments.
When even dead Jews aren't allowed to rest in peace, it's time to leave.



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