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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Society of Professional Journalists wants to rehabilitate Helen Thomas

In case you're wondering why the mainstream media is so anti-Israel, this ought to give you a hint. The Society of Professional Journalists is trying to rehabilitate Helen Thomas, arguing that she was subjected to 'unfair interview tactics' in May and ignoring her second anti-Semitic outburst in December.

But what's stunning about this article is that I bet you thought that the reason that the Society stopped giving the Helen Thomas award for lifetime achievement was because it felt that an anti-Semitic reporter didn't deserve to have an award named for her. No, that wasn't it.
Then came Thomas' remarks in December at a conference of Arab journalists. She said that "Congress, the White House, and Hollywood are owned by Zionists. No question."

"That did it," Wolper relates. "The SPJ executive committee in January voted 6 to 1 to retire the award, and the full board of directors went along, 14 to 7."

Incredibly, though, the SPJ leadership wasn't upset at Thomas' anti-Semitism. As Wolper explains: "The rationale was stunning: There was a fear that future recipients would have to answer questions about Helen Thomas instead of talking about their lifelong accomplishments."
Read the whole thing. And you were wondering about the origins of the New York Times op-ed page?

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