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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ready for prime time?

Are the 'Palestinians' ready for prime time? Are they ready to run a 'state' of their own? The World Bank doesn't think so.
Economic growth in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is largely driven by donor donations and is not likely to be sustainable, the World Bank said on Thursday.

The Palestinian Authority should focus on developing its trade regime and infrastructure and improving the employability of the labor force to create growth that can be maintained, the organization said in a report to donor countries. It also said that industry won’t increase significantly as long as Israeli limitations on movement are in place. The report said that according to initial estimates based on labor surveys, the Palestinian economy expanded 9.3 percent last year.

“The growth is mostly confined to the non-tradable sector and reflects the importance of donor aid in driving the Palestinian economy -- though recent easing of restrictions by the government of Israel has probably had a positive impact as well,” the World Bank said in its report.
If only they had an export other than terror....

But fear not: The International Monetary Fund believes there's no problem with a 'Palestinian state' going live (Hat Tip: Shy Guy).
Palestinian financial institutions are ready for statehood, an International Monetary Fund report praising Palestinian fiscal reform said Tuesday.

"The PA is now able to conduct the sound economic policies expected of a future well-functioning Palestinian state,'' the report said.


The Palestine Monetary Authority now fulfills the core functions of a central bank in terms of supervision and regulation, the report said.

It lauded increased fiscal transparency and discipline of Palestinian institutions.
Can you have a state without a functioning economy? I doubt it.

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At 8:44 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians are not seeking a state but rather a launching pad to attack Israel.

Israel would be foolish to give them another one. Isn't Gaza a lesson enough in the dangers of such an outcome?

What could go wrong indeed

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Didi Remez said...


Do you really not understand how the sentence "It also said that industry won’t increase significantly as long as Israeli limitations on movement are in place." Undermines the logic of headline and conclusion. If you're interested in policy, rather than scoring political points read some other articles on the report and the report itself, and make sure you're not cherry-picking.




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