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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Professor Hillel Weiss speaks to the Flemish parliament

Here's a transcript of a speech given by Professor Hillel Weiss to the Flemish parliament during a recent trip to Europe by Professor Weiss, Rabbi Sholom Dov Wolpe and David HaIvri. The speech discusses Jewish rights to the land of Israel and continued European support for a 'Palestinian state.'
The continuing support of the governments of Europe for the establishment of an Arab state in the Land of Israel makes it impossible for Europe to have any success in its struggle against Islam with all of the attending consequences. European intervention against the barbarity of Qaddafi has perhaps succeeded in saving the lives of tens of thousands of human beings, but it has also fanned the flame of the conflict between Islam and the West, as Russia’s president Putin remarked. As to the resolution of this struggle - no one can foresee its end.

The almost-certain dread I have is that Europe’s way of providing compensation for offending Islam by intervening in Libya will be the usual victim, the lamb slaughtered as a sacrifice, the victim of all blood libels, namely, the Jewish people. This is what is known as the perpetual policy of appeasement.

Islam draws its strength from its dream of establishing a universal caliphate whose capital is Jerusalem. In doing this and in occupying Jerusalem, they strive to prove that the covenant between God and His people Israel – the Jewish people - has been cancelled. The Moslems are not the first people in history to express the idea that the God of Israel has abandoned His people. But in our Torah which is the basis of our faith it is written that “God will not cast off His people nor will He forsake His heritage.”

The unconcealed support and tremendous financial investment that the European Union is making in promoting an Arab state in the Land of Israel is an invitation to bring about a second Holocaust that will cause the people of Israel no less suffering than what they underwent during those terrible years in Europe.

We are confident that the God of Israel will save us, as He has saved us throughout history. Even if the price that we pay is great and terrible, “Our God is the God of faith and there is no injustice in Him, all of His paths are justice.”

But if you are genuine opposition parties who wish to help yourselves, your future, and your countries, and eradicate the Islam that is threatening you, you must declare now and forever your unqualified support for the exclusive rights of the Jewish people over the land of Israel in its Biblical borders.

This is the only country in the world whose borders were set forth forever in the Book that God gave His people at Mount Sinai, and in the language that God spoke with the forefathers of the nation .And you must loudly and vehemently oppose the idea of establishing an Arab state, or any other foreign state, in the Land of Israel other than the Jewish state.

The artificial Arab states which sprang up after World War I are revealing by the ferment overwhelming them now that they have no natural political collective fabric, but what unites them is their religion and their tribal loyalty. For all of them, democracy, human rights, pluralism, and liberalism are alien values and directly opposed to their culture.

Anyone who deludes himself into thinking that he is moving Islam and the Islamic countries towards democracy is making a grave error and fostering an illusion that will cause much blood to be spilled until the truth is acknowledged.
Read the whole thing.

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